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Flea Jan 12 '12 3:00am

S. B. D.
Jared makes his way down to the door and peers in. Four pillars dominate this room, just like in the room where they met Bragdor. The only real difference is that there is no water rushing down these pillars. There also doesn't appear to be any ogres in this room... unless they are as good at hide and seek as Bragdor was. Instead this room seems to be the host to something else. The creatures have greenish-blue scaly skin with a large fin running down their backs. They have sharp claws which look very deadly, but they are using those clawed hands not to rip and tear flesh, but instead to play a game of cards.

There are several candles spread around the room being used as sources of light for the strange lizard-like creatures. Some copper pieces are scattered on the floor around them... it appears that the savage creatures are placing wagers on their card game. The light from Jared's torch and Vicky's sunrod fills the room, lighting it up. The two lizards turn to look at the source and quickly rise to their feet. They howl and screech at the heroes as they prepare to attack the walking buffet that has come to them.

Strangely, no sound is heard from either of them.

justin_elliott Jan 12 '12 5:02am Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

"Eep... You know how you said you were going to save my nose, Vicky... well, now's your chance!."

Jared flick his rod, sending a swirling stream of dark shadows into the room. He then scampers a short distance down the corridor. "Trogs. It might be best to fight them at the doorway!"

Ayeba Jan 12 '12 6:27am

"I guess there's no way around fighting now," Vicky mumbles to Jared, "You're an expert at making new friends, you know. New enemies too."

She moves up to the first one with her shield ready. Pulling at one of the voices available to her, she attempts to bind the movements of the troglodyte, preventing it from reaching her allies.

Flea Jan 12 '12 6:35am

As soon as Vicky enters the room she is overcome by a numbing silence. She can't hear anything, not the sound of her footfalls, or even her own breath. There is total silence inside this pillar chamber.

Jymmi Jan 12 '12 7:00am

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John moves inside the room and sees the two Troglodytes, his ears ring with the creepy silence making John a little dizzy.
"Whats wrong wi..." John stops as he started by not even hearing his own voice.

m00ndragon Jan 12 '12 12:00pm
Unable to find any characters in game 9225

"Here we go again." Mike says as he pushes his way pass the others and enters the room. " Eww these dudes are....." Mike then realises he cant hear himself.
wtf? he thinks to himself.

eastc Jan 12 '12 5:58pm

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan, from his position in the back, can make out some sort of commotion. He guesses correctly that something is amiss and rushes down the hallway pressing by the others to take up a position just on the otherside of the door. Why is it so quiet in there? He looks inside the room trying to take in what's happening and looking for an opportunity.

He looks at the playing cards and coins scattered across the floor and is reminded of the deck of cards he'd recently handed the curious halfling. More playing cards... I guess they didn't like being interrupted. He guessed at the events of the moment before.

justin_elliott Jan 12 '12 8:39pm

Flea Jan 13 '12 1:33am

Guan looks about the room, but doesn't see any other forms inside the room. He scans the room and the knowledge he gained from his transformation to see if he can figure out just what is going on with the room, but he has no luck with his assessment. He can't tell what is going on in there.

Ayeba Jan 13 '12 7:47am

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