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Magius Feb 6 '12 10:38am

the lost tower, found again.
things you should know:
lvl: 2
dice: 4d6 minus lowest
players: 7

Magius Feb 7 '12 10:35am

dont tell me; im running another dud arent i?
Yet another dungeon, gone to the dogs....

Black Wyvern Feb 7 '12 2:22pm

It can take basic games a while to catch on. Be patient.

CriticalFumbles Feb 7 '12 5:55pm

It might help to expand your description a bit, I had a problem getting people interested in my old-school game at first, but after a bit of editing and some extra fluff, I had plenty of people on board.

You can put me down as tentatively interested though.

Shuggo Feb 7 '12 6:15pm

Im interested myself, the biggest problem for me being a lack of books, and well, a general lack of knowledge of old school DnD. Is there an online clone that can mirror the rules enough for me to use?

Black Wyvern Feb 7 '12 6:27pm

Yeah for the most part Shuggo you can use Labyrinth Lord. It is a clone of B/X. Basically the only real difference is equipment and starting gold. Which I am sure you could work out with Magius. You can find a link to LL in my signature.

Atlictoatl Feb 7 '12 6:42pm

Friendly advice: proper punctuation, spelling, some description of the game world, instructions on how to apply, explication of houserules, and demeanor/attitude all help one to elicit responses to a game advertisement.

You seem reluctant to write at any length, and this is a written gaming medium. Your signature also states that you "won't be on MW as much" starting today. I've been in too many games that have died due to the DM disappearing or running out of time, and so am cautious when approaching DMs new to me.

My apologies for polluting your GA with feedback, but more effort on your part to attract players is what's going to result in you getting players. At the very least, I'd recommend putting something in the GA about how you intend give the necessary attention to the game despite your busier school schedule.

You're asking me to give you my time and to expend creative energy on your endeavor, and I (and my fellow players) need some convincing as to why we should pick your game over others out there.

Good luck! I think we could really use more OD&D games on the site, and applaud your willingness to run one.

Shuggo Feb 7 '12 6:42pm

Awesome. Ill scour through it when I get home tonight.... Much later tonight haha.

Magius Feb 7 '12 7:41pm

ok, thanks guys for the feedback.
I'll come up with a better ad today at school.

Once again, thanks. Im not new to MW but i still need the occasional help from you.

Atlictoatl Feb 8 '12 1:17am

Hey, man, thanks for taking constructive criticism so graciously. It's not easy to do.

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