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Wynteriii Feb 9 '12 12:33am

The Boss wants you! (Basic Fantasy 2.0)
Update 2/12/12: To speed things up, I'm ending this ad on the 15th. Still 2 spots!
Update 2/10/12: 2 spots left!

Your band of heroes arrive at the village of Stull and spend some time in the village before nightfall. You here stories of families packing up and leaving. When you ask why, they dare not answer. Night comes and you and your group go to the local tavern. As you sit down to relive tales from your homelands, The tavern's door opens allowing three armed men in. They look around and notice your group are the new faces in town. He then grins and says "Your coming with us, the Boss wants YOU!"

This is how the adventure begins. I need 6 level 1 heroes to save this city. I'm hoping that this adventure won't be the last one. I'll keep this game going until, you the players, grow tired of it. The system is called Basic Fantasy 2.0 and it's very easy to pick up but still has enough meat for expert players. Best of all, the rules are free to download.

I'll accept applications through private message.

May All Your Hits Be Critical,

Magius Feb 9 '12 5:07am

Interested. Will pm you.

Wynteriii Feb 9 '12 5:24am


Metroknight Feb 12 '12 3:53am

Do you have specific race and/or class that should be preferred?

Wynteriii Feb 12 '12 7:39am

It doesn't really matter. It hasn't come up but I'll just say it now. I feel that GM/DM's take away personalizing of PC's when they add restrictions. I've seen in my time playing tabletop RPGs people making more rules to character creation than there needs to be. One I dislike is when a GM will only allow one of each race.

Apparently people like hanging out in groups were there the only one of their kind.

I'm just saying that GMs need to back off a bit in character creation house rules. Just stick with some but they shouldn't hold a player down to what they wanted.

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