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Flea Feb 18 '12 5:46am

Rats And Corpses
The heroes prepare themselves for their assault on the rat's nest. The rats are actually faster and on alert, but they do not immediately attack. They are still just making threatening noises while trying to intimidate the heroes into moving on. They wait - ready to pounce if provoked. The provocation comes quickly as Malklyr enters the room.

The drow slowly moves into the room. He would really like to make his way to that nice big empty spot on the right side of the room. He would have to come way to close to the rats to do that. Instead, he moves slowly through the room, trying to keep a good distance between him and the rats. He doesn't like his current position near the far west door, but it will have to do for the moment. At least he knows he can run out of the open door if he has to... but he has no idea what he'll be running to. The others watch as the drow cautiously moves about the room. The rats warn him again, but it is time to act.

Malklyr knows that Vicky has a solid plan. She wants to try to bring them down one at a time if possible. She told John to attack the one on the corner, so Malklyr decides to concentrate his attack on that one. He holds out his staff and sends a burst of lightning at the
Rat 5
rat in the corner. The lightning strikes the creature, knocking it over while also hurting the beastie. The creature's resistance to arcane forces does offer it some protection from the attack though.

Unfortunately for Malklyr, the rats all swarm him. The first rat moves up and
7 damage
bites into his leg. Then the second rat does the
6 damage
same. The third and fourth rats cross the distance to attack Malklyr, looking for openings, but do not attack him just yet. The rat that Malklyr managed to knock over gets back onto it's feet. It slowly
charge attack
limps towards the drow looking for payback. The rat
8 damage
bites down hard on Malklyr. The drow is barely hanging on.

Luckily for Malklyr, the final rat can't find an opening to attack the surrounded sorcerer. So instead it moves to the doorway and goes after Vicky. Her plan is already shot, and now Malklyr is trapped on his own. They will have to make quick work of this rat if there is any hope of saving the injured drow. The rat tries to bite Vicky, but misses the kenku.

The barely alive drow, does his best to
His turn was interrupted by the rat attacks. When they are done he finishes his turn by spending his action point and using second wind.
catch his breath, but he is in very bad shape.

Jymmi Feb 18 '12 7:38am

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John hisses after seeing Malklyr rush inside 'That fool!' John slashes out with his blade towards the rat blocking the door.

Jymmi Feb 18 '12 7:41am

eastc Feb 18 '12 8:02am

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan, although unimpressed with their new drow companion's decision making abilities, is rather impressed with John's adeptness. ZhuGuan follows suit stabbing past Vicky's beak with his glaive at the rat John had just moved. He barks a few quick orders telling the others to get into the room and hoping they'll listen.

Flea Feb 18 '12 5:14pm

Guan attempts to attack the rat, but out of the corner of his eye he thinks he sees a streak of violence headed for him. He re-actively jumps almost crashing into Vicky in the process. He lands in the corner and spins around looking for the source, but quickly discerns that he had only seen a shadow.
Malklyr looks up at John as the revenant approaches him. "I didn't expect them to react so quickly... They are tearing me apart." he mumbles.

Jymmi Feb 18 '12 9:54pm

John eyes the drow "Some lessons are learned the hard way." John hisses.

eastc Feb 19 '12 7:29am

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan desperately attempts to correct himself as he struggles to regain his footing. "Um, I meant to do that!"

Ayeba Feb 19 '12 9:46am

"Hey, w..." is all Vicky manages to utter before Malkyr moves into the room. She watches in horror as the rats bite and tear at the drow. Another blocks her entry into the room, preventing her from helping the poor guy. Just as she is about to lash out at the beast and get into the room, John launches an attack that seems to sting the rat, forcing it to stagger back a bit.

"Thanks," she mutters to John and moves into the room. She discards her own safety somewhat in order to help Malkyr, allowing one of the rats to get a bite as she moves around it. Once in position, she unleashes a strong slash with her sword, powered by the primal spirits aiding her. One of the primal voices in her head promise her great clarity and perception. She pulls at it, to prevent the rats from completely overwhelming her.

Flea Feb 19 '12 9:53am

The rat snaps at Vicky, but doesn't manage to bite her.

Ayeba Feb 19 '12 10:06am

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