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Blakkmonk Feb 24 '12 1:14pm

Occ thread
Okay all, game goes live Monday. I will be posting background flavor fluff over the weekend and will open up the IC on Monday.

As some of you who have been with me know, if the unit separates and you are beyond range of sight I will split the thread and repost vox messages between what ever groupings you make.

I will provide maps and props as needed. Otherwise let's have some fun and any questions please ask away.

Dramacydle Feb 24 '12 8:16pm

Thanks for the invitation GM, I agree lets play some DH.

Blakkmonk Feb 24 '12 9:22pm

I am glad to have you.

ArcaneStomper Feb 28 '12 12:28am

Man this is the most talkative group I have ever played with. We all need to be quieter so the Inquisitor Lords can get a word in edgewise. ;)

Nobunaga Feb 28 '12 2:38am

Ohhh just wait till we're out of official channels... my marine's gonna surprise yah.

Somewhere right around.... Klingon Warrior...

Blakkmonk Feb 28 '12 10:57pm

i will give everyone until the end of the day for any more posts before i move us ahead so if you wish to speak with each other before hand, now is the time.

Reaper314 Mar 2 '12 10:56pm

What the hell is Mordred using? You beat a warp spider and steal his pack?

Vox Clamantis Mar 2 '12 10:58pm

Why is that dude teleporting all over the place? That personal teleporter is a revered artifact of the Grey Knights order, not a toy... :p

Nobunaga Mar 2 '12 10:59pm

He's using a Grey Knight personal teleporter along with The Shrouding grey knight power... although his exit was just the Personal Teleporter. His entrance was a combination of The Shrouding and Personal teleporter.

Edit: He's just having a little fun with the more mundane throne agents. Besides, if this were any other situation, he would have to appear and disappear to avoid being spotted by the common citizens of the Imperium. Call it a... habit. While he isn't going to be pulling a Nightcrawler and "BAMP!"-ing all over the place, he uses it when he feels it helps to accent a point, the expedience is prudent, he needs to get ahead...etc.

And besides, even if all of us were super-marines... if we had a teleporter, we'd use it occassionally, especially if we had to walk around the giant city-sized ships the Imperium uses. :)

Reaper314 Mar 2 '12 11:01pm


It is pretty awesome though! Is there any kind of failure chance? Could you end up half inside walls? or nabbed by warp daemons in transit?

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