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Grendel Feb 27 '12 2:39pm

Campaign Discussion
This is an OOC thread for discussing anything about the game not related to one of the other topics.

Grendel Feb 29 '12 12:58pm

Important Note
I am adjusting the price of SEUs from 5 Cr. to 2 Cr. Belt and Power packs will cost SEU x 2.5 to purchase, SEU x 2 to recharge. All other SEU clips (20, 10 and 5) cost SEU x 2 Cr.

If anyone has a strong objection, please air it now. Thank you.

zeo2002 Mar 3 '12 9:28pm

Just another question... According to Alpha Dawn, page 54, Envirokits are 10kg in weight. The description on page 62 says 5kg of weight. What's the true weight? I ask because I may be looking to go into Environmental science a little down the line depending on where this takes us.


Grendel Mar 4 '12 11:07am

Let's go with 5 kg. Most sources agree that it should 10 kg, but the text states it can be clipped to a belt or stuffed in a backpack. All the other kits can only be carried as a backpack. That suggests it is smaller.

Note in the Team 1 thread that I am putting a descriptor after each character. Those are titles used to determine your base pay scale. The pay scales are in the Alpha Dawn book, page 94. Scouts get paid at 40. If you prefer to be classified under a secondary PSA skill, say so before we start.

Jedric Mar 4 '12 11:21am

Where there are two classifications which skill will he be paid for e.g Cody is listed Sharpshooter/Computer Op, which would he get or would that depend on the job.

Grendel Mar 4 '12 1:28pm

In the case of the Sharpshooters, they get paid for the second (computer op in his case) with +10 Cr for being a combatant as well. My bad, I meant to explain that. It's because a sharpshooter only gets 20 Cr. At least for now, the skills are equal, so he is roughly as qualified in both.

The same can be done for others. Transporter, for example, is not in the original. It's my title for a ground transport driver. Not a high paying skill code, probably 20 Cr. You could take the secondary code, say Scout, and add +10 Cr for the added classification.

I can go over these with everyone interested.

Also, please remember, don't take equipment from non-Alpha Dawn sources without confirming with me. In particular, there is a rather large time gap between AD and Zebulon's guide, the equipment in the latter is higher tech.

DeJoker Mar 4 '12 2:06pm

Okay did I take explanations for any my equipment for Zeb's I do not recall -- I mean I think I used Alpha Dawn first but if it did not appear in Alpha then I went elsewhere for the description.

Dragyn Mar 4 '12 2:27pm

I could wish for a more extensive list of equipment.. especially non-weapon equipment.. but it's definitely par for the course on these old-school games. :)

Grendel Mar 4 '12 2:28pm

As far as I can see, you didn't take any Zebulon equipment, except what I gave you. The weapons attachments that MadHatter bought for Conner are fine, but not the others, please. Also, the File Computer and Plasti-poncho are okay.

I've been thinking it over and I'm going to give each one of you a base pay plus a +10 Cr. bonus for a suitable secondary skill code. You may appeal the decisions below:

Cid M. Bawl - zeo2002 - Team Medic (70 Cr. +10 Cr. Sociologist)
Alexis Grant - kbrn62 - Investigator (80 Cr. + 10 Cr. Star Soldier)
Connor Flylock - MadHatter - Roboticist (70 +10 Cr. + 10 Cr. Sharpshooter)
Irwin Chalmers - DeJoker - Scout (40 + 10 Cr. Transporter)
H'trank - d_ns - Scout (40 + 10 Cr. Sharpshooter)
Andrew LaFollet - Dragyn - Investigator (80 +10 Cr. Martial Artist)
Cody Amoran - Jedric - Computer Ops (70 + 10 Cr. Sharpshooter)
Kangee Torgan - Ghost Wolf - Scout (40 + 10 Cr. Sharpshooter)

Dragyn Mar 4 '12 3:19pm

How dare you give me more than I expected! The nerve!


Been skimming the Star Frontiersman mags.. and now I wish I was a Yazirian so I could be wielding my grand-monkey's Zemira. :)

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