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Blakkmonk Mar 3 '12 12:07pm

Aboard the Unrelenting Light, Strike Crusier class (Grey Knight Chapter)
The Agents

The Agents awake in their room. The last thing you remember is being put under for your mind wipes and now you are in a chamber. While you feel the fuzz of just not knowing, you can see it was very careful and selective. While you remember nothing about the station other than its holiness, you remember the briefing you recieved and why you are here. You still remember your favorite foods so not to much discomfort.

It seems your Inquisitor has been busy. All of your personal effects are present in what is a very large stateroom.

They are set in with the basic needs but appear to be modular for your individual needs.

A dataslate rests on the table, a blinking acknowledge rune flashing with a

The Inquisitor
Normally you would have your agents see to packing for such an endeavor but with them recovering this task fell to you.
After directing all of the servitors to store the various gear and signing off the forms that were required, you are finally ready to unpack into your own stateroom. It is bigger than your Agents, with a linked war room besides your living quarters. Your psychic abilities can feel the strength of the wards around the ship. You find a dataslate has been left on the table in your room with a note written in High Gothic

The Grey Knights

The Battle-brothers have had their hands filled with logistics as well. Normally this would not be a concern you would care about, as most missions are not this long term. As this is an extended detachement, you have to be acutely aware of the store of weapons and equipment onboard. You have made extensive notes on your datapads of the following

After you finish, you are summoned to the bridge to meet your ships Navigator and Captain

Nobunaga Mar 3 '12 12:23pm

Having assisted in the logistics as much as possible, Mordred strides onto the bridge appearing just as he did in the meeting hall on station. Cloaked and adorned as he was, he still wore and wielded a look perhaps more in line with a regal appearance, perhaps modeling himself after He Who Rests On Terra.

He strides slowly onto the bridge, looking about to see if he was the first to arrive...

Vox Clamantis Mar 3 '12 3:25pm

Brother Severinas arrives on the bridge, having been called away from the strike cruiser's meager library. Here, among his brothers, he does not wear his armour; instead he is clad in a silver tabard over a plain white robe. Only the chain with icons of the Emperor still remains, serving as a belt.

"Hail, Brother Mordred. Have you already been introduced to the bridge crew?"

Reaper314 Mar 3 '12 4:02pm

Constantine enters the bridge still adorned in his armour. As he comes to a rest near his battle brothers he unhooks his helmet and clips it at his waist. "Brothers," he says looking at Mordred and Severinas.

Miss Mar 4 '12 6:55am

Having awoken as she had a dozen times before, Sarena pulled herself together once more, picked up her things and smiled to the other agents present in the room. She wasn't normally accustomed to working with other agents, for the most part her life had kept her to commanding her sisters in glorious battle. She could not count the battles nor the number of daemons she had faced, mostly due to proceedures such as this.

Once more awake and mobile she rearmed herself and headed to the bridge. Upon entering she spots the collection of space marines and takes a moment to kneel upon entering, her helmet tucked beneath her arm revealing the sculpted woman beneath. Sculpted by the Emperor perhaps as they say, though the Sororitas had no doubt lived a hard life of combat. Her eyes were bright and attentive, but to the sons of the Emperor there was a look of a focused killer, in the Emperor's Name, beneath the eyes that shone.

Her wings folded around herself, she was still a larger-than-most obstruction on the bridge, but not as large as the marines by far. "Chosen sons, I am overjoyed to see you again. My compliments to your equipment operators, I can still remember all of your shining beacons to the Emperor." she says softly.

Blakkmonk Mar 5 '12 6:55am

As you ascend to the bridge, you find it in motion. Their are chapter serfs with cybernetic implants wired into their stations or boosted with augmentics directly into their stations.

On the bridge, you see one figure sitting and two standing.

As you approach the Captain's throne dais spins and turns towards your direction.

In a metallic monotone sound you hear "Greetings and welcome to the Unrelenting Light. I am the Ship's Master, Captain Alexander Argo."

see the figure in the chair stand up.

His body is almost completely cybernetic and his voice comes from a voxcaster unit where his throat should be. Cables connect from the back of his legs,arms and head to the throne in which he sat upon.

"This is Magos Var, Ship's Engineer" he indicates the figure on his right

"and this is Mistress Arline Benetek of House Benetek, the Ship's Navigator."
he indicates to his left.

Nobunaga Mar 5 '12 9:39am

With a nod and a few thoughts to himself, Mordred gives the Captain, Engineer and the Navigator a respectful bow of the head. "It will be an honor to journey with you, Captain, Magos, Mistress Navigator." come the big man's words, a slight sweep of his cloak as he bows his head in respect.

Vox Clamantis Mar 5 '12 9:58am

Following his battle-brother's lead, Severinas makes the aquila and inclines his head solemnly.

"I am Caio Severinas of the 1st Brotherhood. The Unrelenting Light is a fine vessel. Our time aboard her will be an honour."

Blakkmonk Mar 5 '12 11:16am

"It is a pleasure to be working with your order once more. After the mission briefing when the Inquisitor and the rest of his team arrive. My lords, you three will assume control under your chapter's authority and you will get the random generated key to the cranial explosive implanted in myself and the Navigator."

He says as his augmented finger tips tap the metal plate that is now his skull with a dull ring.

Tehnar Mar 5 '12 1:09pm

Inquisitor Frayhert strides into the bridge, footsteps falling softly on the metal floor. In a comfortable leather outfit, with his inquisitorial hat perched comfortably on his head. His skin is streched tight across his dessicated face, making him appear skullike.

"Captain, Magos, Navigator." He bows slightly to each as he adresses them. "It is my pleasure to travel the Unrelenting Light. She is the finest I have seen. Do you expect any difficulties passing through the traverse?"

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