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Grendel Mar 4 '12 2:43pm

Scene One: Gran Quivera
It is early evening in Port Loren, capitol city of Gran Quivera, the heart of United Planetary Federation in the Frontier. It is a busting city, always busy, often called the city that never sleeps. The headquarters of Greyfalcon Security Services, your employer, is here in the downtown sector and your team has been called in for a new mission briefing. The briefing room is setup in the style of conference room. The walls are a brushed bronze with light strips in a decorative pattern. An oval table of the same brushed bronze color dominates the room with twelve chairs around it. The table has a holotank in the center and computer controls at each chair. A few minutes after you’ve all gathered, your operator, a greying and grizzled yazirian veteran named Boren Tchal, enters the room followed by a vrusk. The latter is wearing an open collar business suit and carries a datapad.

I’ll get right to it,” Boren Tchal begins in his raspy voice, as he sits at one end of the table. The vrusk its to his right. “This is Professor Vzzit Kral’ek, xeno-archeologist with the Krataar Institute of Social Sciences. He’s contracted for the full suite of services for an expedition: transport, assistance and safe-guarding of himself and any data recovered. This is a one-off, short duration contract. Standard rates apply for each of you, with performance bonuses depending on outcomes. Charter ship Star Wolf is standing by at the space dock in orbit. I’ll let the professor introduce the expedition and answer questions about it.” With that, he gestures to the professor, then leans back in his chair.

The professor buzzes something
H’trank knows he was clearing his throat.
unintelligible, then begins speaking, and it is clear that he has a common, though by no means universal, vrusk lisp. “Zank you, Mr. Tchal. Az I am
Boren snorts and mumbles “Yeah, world famous on Krataar.
vell known in ze vorld ov xeno-archeology, I am sometimezz invormed ov interesting vinds,” he
I’ll stop there to make it easier to read, you get the idea.
begins.One such informant is a colonist on a newly opened world approximately 6.3 light years from Prenglar, orbiting a binary star system long thought to be more trouble than it was worth. The Cassidine Development Corporation established a mine of some sort. My informant stumbled upon an ancient ruin of some sort. The information is sketchy, but the image appears to be some sort of ziggurat.” He turns the datapad to face you and there is a poor-quality, grainy image of a rocky canyon with a squat lump that may, or may not, be a short step pyramid.

I plan to travel there, with your assistance, take holo-photos of the site, and retrieve any notable artifacts. Any questions?

Pictures of both of the NPCs are HERE.

zeo2002 Mar 5 '12 3:10pm

Cid was relaxed during the briefing, being used to having these types of meetings through school and even in the medical world. But this was a mission that took him a bit away, an exploratory mission for something that hasn't really been looked at before. This was one of his first chances to continue deeper on the reason he had joined the company. Cid was serious about professors, he toned out Borens snide remark, thinking due respect should be given to a professor.

As the professor asked for questions a few came to mind so Cid spoke up. "Thank you Professor," not wanting to try to pronounce the name knowing he would screw it up "it appears the site we're going to is pretty rocky, are there plans to beyond the currently shown location? Can you tell us what kind of atmosphere, gravity and terrain the planet has. Also, have there been any signs of life forms, besides the ones who are exploring, that reside on the planet or have the reports come up that it is currently desolate?" The second question was because he found himself easily encumbered on heavy gravity planets and wanted to know just how much he should pack or be aware of. Plus, he always wanted to have this type of information for off-world travel, especially since he didn't know much about it and it sounds like not much was known about the planet. After the responses he asks, "One last question and thank you for being patient with me, what artifacts are you hoping to find?" he left the question vague to allow the professor to disclose as little or as much as he wanted to. Cid was a curious person and knew that wasn't always welcomed - however he also knew the jobs they were recruited for is not something he would disclose to others and hoped it would not offend the professor in the least.

DeJoker Mar 5 '12 6:34pm

Ice pulled into the garage in a company
Ground Car
GC and hopped out. He could hear the music blasting so did not bother calling out. As was the case nearly every time he was met first by Grinder, "Hey little guy what's up?" The rhetorical question was met with a bit of chirping and whirring as Grinder landed on his shoulder and moved down his right arm as it continued to chirp and whirr. "Yeah, yeah, your uncle Ice did not forget." Ice reaches into the bag he was carrying in his right hand and pulls out a fieldkit disposable seal. The metal seal used to keep the contents of a fieldkit fresh was made such that it was a highly recyclable bit of garbage and as such fairly easy to come by as most recycle centers had a few laying around. Grinder liked it perhaps because it was metal but it was mallable enough that it could render it into small bits of metal shavings and perhaps most importantly he was allowed to trash it. Granted thoroughly trashing it would take Grinder several hours of happy contented grinding to do so, Ice viewed it as being akin to tossing a dog a favored bone.

After that Ice entered the shop proper. He stepped over this bit of partially finished whatever and around this other partially finished whatever and finally ducked under yet another partially finished whatever, and finally arrived at the music box which he casually reached over to and flipped the off switch. The music did not stop. He looked at the box, flipped the switch a few more times and then sighed. He then reached around the back and ejected the SEU clip, the music finally and abruptly stopped. With a half annoyed and half bemused look on his face he looked over at Fly, "Really, was that necessary."

After a bit of pleasantry greeting and a short discussion on why Fly felt he needed to bypass the off switch on the music box, Ice said, "Oh almost forgot why I came, I got a GC you worked on. I think your gum dried up and fell off cuz the speed gauge is not working properly again and they want it, like everything, fixed asap. So get your what you need and lets go." After a Fly indicates he is going to the meeting but will be late Ice replies, "Okay suit yourself." He jumps back into the GC and pulls out of the garage.

Upon arriving in the meeting room he takes a seat that is the farthest from the head of the table without being directly opposite it either. Then sits down and props his feet up on the table and put his head back pulling his wide brimmed hat forward and relaxes.

When Boren enters and raps solidly on the table, a warning that the next rap would be on Ice's head if he did not sit proper, Ice quickly pulled his feet off the table and pushed his hat back into position. Boren might be an old fart, but he was an old fart that could kick Ice's tail fairly easily and had done so, literally, on numerous occasions. Ice had gotten the impression that the old fart seemed to enjoy using that form of disciplinary action, if necessary, and as such tried to avoid its necessity. After the briefing was over, throughout which as well, Ice just sat and looked attentively bored. There did not seem to be anything for him to be concerned about, a simple driving mission over severely rough terrain and if he got lucky maybe he'd go out on his own and scout this or that, still the whole thing held about as much potentially excitement as listening to a bunch of Dralasites discussing Tririnnian Biophysics.

Jedric Mar 5 '12 9:55pm

Cody sits quietly, arms folded, his eyes hooded almost closed, but in reality he is taking everything in, his military experience allows him to absorb the info provided, such as it is,. He listens to the doc's questions and tilts his head to one side and he frowns, for himself he's far more interested in possible threats. Sitting forward he clears his throat and speaks, "I have a question too professor, well an add on to the doctor's question. Do we know if there are any dangerous local fauna and flora" he sits back and waits for the Vrusk to answer.

kbrn62 Mar 6 '12 4:28am

Alexis sits quietly next to Cody. Her eyes following to each person who spoke. Her mind began to play out some simulated possibilities.

"Sir, with the few unknowns given to us by the professor, I believe a higher level of security be provided to the professor which includes any possible recovered artifacts. We may need to have access to additional weapons and defenses." After a quick moment, she adds "Does our contract give us hazard pay if the situation becomes warranted?"

Dragyn Mar 6 '12 7:34am

Having nothing to really add to the discussion, none of this really coming into his skillset, Andrew simply listens and takes notes, intending to research the destination as soon as the briefing was over.

One question, however, does need answering. "How soon do we leave?"

Ghost Wolf Mar 6 '12 12:08pm

Kangee sits back in his chair, idly stroking his chin hair while the professor speaks. This type of mission was not what he had been expecting; nevertheless, it had the possibility of being exciting.

He leans forward as Andrew speaks and adds, "And how long are we expected to be gone for?"

Grendel Mar 6 '12 2:02pm

The professor buzzes again, clearing his throat, as he pulls the datapad back. "The world is classified as CDC13669, but the miners, I gather, have started calling it 'Rock Pit,'" he begins in answer to Cid. "It is a cold world, averaging five degrees standard in the equatorial regions, where we plan to go. That area is a mostly barren, rocky desert. The planetology report is incomplete, though there appears to be some higher order life in an ecological system. I presume that includes predatory life, but it is not my field, really. I don't know what kinds of artifacts may be found, as I have not identified the culture. Anything would be a treasure." There is a glint of excitement as he mentions the potential for artifacts.

"As to the rest," Boren cuts in. "The explorer and the doc's kit have already been sent ahead to the Star Wolf. You leave as soon as possible. Analysis doesn't estimate that the doc is in any personal danger, but the informant may sell the location to other parties, so time is of the essence. This is not a combat sortie; you may requisition some extra ammunition for the side-arms considering the distance from a resource post. Also, any survival gear you deem necessary, run it by me; but leave today." He pauses to make sure the last statement is understood as an order, not a suggestion. "The system is 6.3 light years away, figure 7 days one-way through void-space, up to eight days on the ground. Hazard pay is authorized if it comes to that, along with medical expenses, as standard."

OOCThe meeting isn't over, please continue. But I wanted to point out that you could take some time after to research. Of course, the longer the meeting goes, the less time for that there will be. But it should last as long as is natural. So ask away, any further questions?

zeo2002 Mar 6 '12 2:40pm

Cid nods to Boren and the Professor, understanding that the professor is extremely excited to start heading over. "5 degrees standard, definitely a cold world. I suggest everyone make sure to have an all weather blanket and an everflame on your person in case you somehow get separated and require a fire overnight to stay warm. That being said, I assume radio contact with
base camp/ship?
Star Wolf and each other will be provided should something happen that requires an immediate response?

He sits forwards, hands now upon his knees as he's ready to stand up and go, but of course waits for everyone else to be finished with their briefing. "Professor, thank you for your time and information. I look forward to the mission and hope we can uncover many great artifacts and clues for you during our time there." Cid was maybe slightly less excited to get going and see what all the hype was about than the professor himself. He also needed to head to the armory right after the meeting finished to purchase additional
Everflame (50 cr), Gas Mask (30 cr), Toxyrad Gauge (20 cr) and an all weather blanket (20 cr) - I'll subtract out 120 credits from my character sheet assuming I can get these for cost at the base or someplace close by.
gear and borrow an additional SEU clip, just in case, before heading to the ship to depart on the mission. With a weeks time of travel, Cid believed he may be able to do a bit of research and talking with the Professor about the planet, the ziggurat, the professors expertise in artifacts and what has been given for information to garner any additional clues as to what to expect - hopefully if there was anything beyond what they originally thought they would encounter the party would have the proper equipment.

d_ns Mar 6 '12 5:40pm

Silent, and taking in all the information, H'trank assesses her team mates. The usual mix of brash and unruly humans, of course, but it was satisfying to be serving a fellow Vrusk in a professional capacity, as it has always been. His institute, she muses, must be doing quite well to fund such research and to afford our valuable services.

She buzzes her acceptance of the information he has provided in their shard native tongue, her speech laden with satisfaction and confidence. Switching back to her high-pitched monotone buzz that passes for Pan Galactic for the benefit of her mates, she continues. "I look forward to our organizations working together, Professor Kral'ek, and we will endeavor to ensure that your operation is entirely successful."

The pleasantries and social niceties out of the way, her mind snaps into motion in planning the gear requisition that will be appropriate for the climate and the circumstances, seemingly dismissing the others present in the room as she ruminates.

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