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Kylern Mar 8 '12 3:46am

Dark Heresy Tales
A Warhammer 40k RPG game.

Hunterindarkness Mar 8 '12 3:53am

I'll have something up soon

RadicalD Mar 8 '12 4:02am

We post our characters here?

Hunterindarkness Mar 8 '12 4:05am

And do we roll in order or roll and then arrange?

Kylern Mar 8 '12 4:44am

hmm... good question... I'll set up a forum for character sheets in a second.

Roll and then arrange.

AngeloftheOdd Mar 8 '12 5:04am

Interested, will apply shortly with a tech-priest.

Hunterindarkness Mar 8 '12 6:43am

Ok my "guardmen" is now up. He is an assassin with a hunting rifle.

Dramacydle Mar 8 '12 1:29pm

Character Sheet was moved to Character Sheet Folder. All that is needed is a nice background. So the GM and can try to write you a story arc.

EpicWizard Mar 8 '12 3:27pm

Can I take the Banisher class from Daemon Hunter? I have my Hive Born Cleric almost done.

Tracers2 Mar 8 '12 4:34pm

Maybe i should try this... before condemning it too out of hand...

How many months income? 1? 0?

Does the 1000 replace the starting income? Thinking of playing noble born.

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