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MadHatter Mar 13 '12 8:10am

The Never-ending Sentence
Much like it's friend the Never-ending Story this follows the same twist. Except one thing. You must include the first and the last word of your sentence, or sentences (3 max), that the previous poster has posted before you. For example I post, "The man named Bill walked into town". Then I say; Rubber and Hammer. The next person must use either Rubber or Hammer as their first word, and end the sentence with the other word I said. Simple enough. Have fun.


Magius Mar 13 '12 12:02pm

change the first or the mods wont be happy.

MadHatter Mar 13 '12 1:20pm

I should probably not set these up when I am tired. I forget rules LOL

Magius Mar 13 '12 9:52pm

Rose wished she knew how to use a hatchet


MadHatter Mar 14 '12 2:40am

Rose wished she knew how to use a hatchet. Serenity however did not find her, for she gave up her hatchet learning skills to attend a local game of D&D.


SingleSyllable Mar 14 '12 4:43am

Polearm was her weapon of choice, for she learned that it would be the best weapon for her character whom was a smoker and carried around a matchbook.


canjowolf Mar 19 '12 3:26am

Desert dwellers, who dwell within the desert from time to time, have been known to ride upon the hairy back of a hairy camel.


OOC: May a plural or different tense of the given word be used in place of the given word?

MadHatter Mar 19 '12 4:52am

Ooc: Yes

Pieguy Apr 7 '12 8:11am

Turquoise was not sufficiently valuable for the space pirates to save the stricken gem transport, and it fell into the swirling vortex.


Orchomenos Apr 8 '12 4:45pm

Dissatisfied, Mrs Stanley pursued the cheesemonger, stabbing him in the kidneys with her spatula.


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