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Groqx Mar 13 '12 9:37pm

Age of Heroes
This game is closed for new applicants.

Here are some minor changes to the Game Description below:

1) Abilities that are tied to defenses are capped at the starting PL of the game: 10. Same goes for all defenses.

2) I would like all PCs to have an original form the same as their pre-event form. This means that Johnny/Jenny still looks basically like Johnny/Jenny (except the +2 Attractive advantage). He/She could gain mass, loose mass, gain age, loose age, but he or she looks basically the same. The character may change form at will or something into a heroic form that may not pass as human, but should be able to generally pass for a normal human with no (or minimal) effort at disguise when in his or her normal form. It may be that the heroic form is the norm and the character has to force a change into his or her pre-event form...that's fine too. Alternatively the character just gains powers and does not have to worry about changing forms.

Corellon Mar 13 '12 9:55pm

Color me interested--I'll try to get up an application for something or other tonight. I just need to go through my characters and see what would work in a more realistic/less fantastic setting.

Basil_Bottletop Mar 13 '12 10:07pm

It seems you have a lot of opinion on how you would like things to be maintained throughout the game. That's great. However, I can't help but feel like some of it is a lot of lip service to thematic taglines. Feint of heart, weak of mind, love-to-hate, etc. It still doesn't give me much clue as to what direction you'd like the subtext of the game to adhere to.

For example (and these are terrible examples, mind you), are you looking for a world/PC dynamic like the television series Heroes, or one more akin to Watchmen? I thought the X-Men trilogy tried to handle supers vs non-supers as softly as they could considering their targeted audience, but they still considered the ramifications (trying to nod to their comic book origins). The same could be said about the first Spiderman movie.

If I read into some of my assumptions, it sounds like this game might be hard to keep to a collective 'group'. You want people to have ties to the community, so I would suspect that the urge for a 'normal life' will have to emerge within the context of the story as well. Perhaps not the same one they once had, but if we're to stay true to a concept it might be hard to suddenly find ourselves only hanging out with the few people who went through the situation, i.e. the PCs. Will you be attempting to split the group when it calls for it? Is there a device in place to help we, the players, stick together (and not just for the sake of being in a roleplaying party)?

Being 'Friends on Vacation' implies we all know one another and have integrated backgrounds. It might also imply everyone is relatively the same age/mindset, given that groups of friends tend to trend to one another. Would you like to steer the potential applicants towards one collective concept, to better maintain your original intent and story? Even though the game seems to be starting at the very beginning, is there any information for the 'world' that might be relevant to put into the game thread? Perhaps mentioning what city the applicants are from, or where the game may take place after the vacation has ended? Perhaps storing the Character Generation ruleset in it's own thread would be handy for those looking for it while making applications. Would you like applications in private threads? Individual threads, but public? Etc.

By the way, I only pry like this to better understand the game and to perhaps open my eyes to the potentials within a game ad. Please don't take them personally, hurtful, or any other negative way. I ask, because I care.

Groqx Mar 13 '12 10:20pm

All excellent questions and points to consider. No, I am not looking for any of those world/dynamics you mentioned. There are a few ways to keep the heroes as a collective group, and the first is to start them all out as friends. I will be posting a starting background post very soon to give prospective players an idea of their relationship to each other.

There are two other ways I will be trying to keep the PCs together, but giving those aspects away now would not be fun since they are part of the game.

Let me add that I would like the PCs to start out with ages somewhere between 19-26, preferably in the 24-26 age bracket but that is flexible depending on the player's preferred background.

And I do not want the PCs to revolve around one collective hero concept. The common powers and the advantage I stated in the advert is all that is necessary. The rest should be as diverse as possible.

Like I said, I will be putting out a background post for the game shortly.

Groqx Mar 13 '12 10:42pm

I will be creating these from time to time to give background information to the players. In this case, since I have no idea of the names of the PC's or their families, I have put blanks in some spots in the text.

Much, much more is forthcoming.

Here is something to start with:

ChronicLunacy Mar 14 '12 7:04am

Interested in playing a pretty basic paragon type - super-strength, invulnerable, possibly flight if points allow. He's a character I've used before, but never to the extent that I've wanted. Still, I've been able to flesh him out a bit. The basic backstory is that he's an alcoholic on the road to recovery, separated from his wife, and not the perfect, little boyscout of a Superman that everyone expects in a paragon stereotype. He's guilt-ridden, has anger issues, but oddly enough will be forced cold turkey off of his addiction because of the starting Immunity to poison, since that means he can no longer get drunk. He'll have to build his life up from the bottom while at the same time learning how to deal with having superhuman powers.

EDIT: Application below. :)

Name: Benjamin Blake

Personality: Close friends would be the first to notice how much of a change Ben's separation and imminent divorce has wraught on him. He was a business executive before, used to being very direct and in control of his life. He's used to having a goal and then achieving it, but now he doesn't even know where to start repairing his life. With what is about to happen to all of them, there's no telling how he'll react. Hopefully he can find within himself some way to adapt to these changing circumstances and get back a tiny piece of what he had before.

AngeloftheOdd Mar 14 '12 7:48am

I haven't played M&M 3rd, but I'm expressing interest. Let me see what I can find...

Corellon Mar 14 '12 7:50am

I've decided to go with a Powerhouse, switching from mundane to armored form la Colossus. She'll probably have even more emphasis on strength and damage resistance than ChronicLunacy's paragon, but no movement powers outside of the default powerset. I'm having to rework the background pretty much from scratch since what I had written up before all led right into her getting her powers, which obviously won't work for in this case.

Getaway Mar 14 '12 9:22am

@Groqx: Can you make a forum for posting apps? Going for ye olde speedster archetype.

Groqx Mar 14 '12 11:05am

You can post applications right here.

I have not received any actual, complete applications yet, though this is only the second day the advertisement has be up on the site.

Here are the suggested Archetypes so far:

ChronicLunacy: Paragon (recovering alcoholic)
Corellon: Powerhouse (female, metal-form or Colossus-type)
Getaway: Speedster
zenninpo: TK-based Paragon (genius/geekish-nerd with incredible parental neglect issues...communicated via PM)

When planning the characters, remember that they should be relatively young in life (19-26 years old), from central Maryland (new info from this post), and ultimately are all long-time friends with each other...or at least their families are friends.

This means that the chosen players should be familiar with each other's backgrounds to a large extent. And in those backgrounds, please include the names of parents, siblings, and possibly other friends important in the life of your character.

I would like there to be someone with a group movement power: Portal, Teleportation with increased mass, or something more creative.

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