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taoistGlasshopper Mar 15 '12 8:50pm

Character Applications go here.

Shdwrnnr Mar 16 '12 8:27am


Name: Nadine Parker

Hometown: Boston MA

Appearance: Parker is five foot five and weighs in at one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has long blond hair that she keeps back in a pony tail most of the time. She has brown eyes and is rather fair skinned. She has a small framed, is very trim, and has little body fat. Due to her chosen profession she is athletic without being over muscled. She favors casual clothes like jeans and T's, but she wears dresses well. She is not beautiful, but borders on cute.

Personality: Due to her upbringing, Parker is not a very social individual. She is independent, with few close acquaintances and fewer friends. Growing up she did not have a lot so she appreciates even the smallest amenities. While not truly greedy, once she has something that she considers her's, whether it is rightful her's or not, she has a tendency to hold on to it. Her work gives her a true sense of worth and she is defined by it. She takes her few failure to date to heart and strives to learn from them. She does not really think of herself as a criminal, more of an artist. She is just somebody doing what she is good at. Do to the death of a close acquaintance she has an aversion to guns and avoids them. Since her finger prints are on file she is very careful to leave no traces behind.

Background: Raised in the foster care system since she was four, she does not remember much about her parents. Although she has had several 'good' homes she always managed to slip away, at least for a little while. Shortly after her seventeenth birthday on one of her little outings, she came to the attention of a fagin named Richard Chamberlain. As he was between proteges at the moment, he took Parker on. First thing he did was make her go back to her foster home till she reached eighteen. She still managed to slip away from time to time for training. Richard realized early on that Parker did not have the social skills to be a con woman so instead he taught her to be a cat burglar. She specialized in jewelry and art theft. She was well on her way several years later when he was killed in a gangland drive by. Since that time she has been on her own. Until recently she has been doing well. Over the past few months she has drawn the attention of a Boston police officer. He has foiled several plans and although he has no solid evidence at the moment she knows he is watching her. She has moved from frightened, to concerned and is currently annoyed at her would be pursuer, but she knows there is little she can do but take extra precautions to avoid arrest. When not at her true calling, she works as a receptionist/gopher at a small local art gallery.

KingGoblin Mar 17 '12 6:43am

Name: Regina (Rog) Silver

Hometown: Des Moines, IA, currently living in L.A., or wherever is appropriate for the game.

Appearance: Rog is extremely distinctive; she has bright red hair, delicate features, long, slender limbs, and extremely pale skin. She tends to wear skimpy clothing, and stark makeup that accentuates every feature.

At least, while she is working.

Outside of work, she has short brown hair, wears no makeup, and is a little mousey. The red is a wig, and the makeup not only accentuates her features, on the job, but also smooths out her normal imperfections, freckles, and moles. Her natural skin color is several shades darker than she appears on stage. Rog dresses comfortably, outside of work, with baggy, plain sweatshirts and jeans, that modestly call no attention to her figure. In fact, her clothing doesn't call much attention to her at all; she's just another face in the crowd.

Personality: Rog is casual and easygoing, perhaps a bit too humble. She lives simply, in a studio apartment, even though her income could afford much more. Some of her favorite things to do involve just chilling out, playing video games, or chatting with friends over coffee or ice cream. She loves going to baseball and hockey games, although she never really cares who wins.

This is in stark contrast to who she is, in the press. Publicly, she is aloof, and cold. She only goes to the best parties, and snubs anyone with a lower status. Rog is arrogant, and rarely speaks to anyone outside of her social circle. Her elitism extends beyond her circle of acquaintances, to include everything she touches; she carries the best handbag, wears the best dresses, rides in the best cars. And even when she has all that, its never quite good enough.

Background: Regina was born in a poor farming community, just outside of Des Moines. Her parents were schoolteachers, and although they weren't exactly rich, they always did their best. Since her mother taught music, it was only natural that Regina learned to play several instruments as a child.

And although she always dreamed of making it big, she never thought she actually would. Until, well, it happened.

She was in high school, when there was a talent competition at the mall. Although Regina had little hope of actually winning, the first prize was a thousand dollar scholarship, so she felt it was worth a try. She got up there, played a little, sang a little, and got third place. She thought that was that.

Until she got a phone call; in the audience, there was an agent, who thought he could help her. With her parents approval, he represented her; and got her a job working in a TV show, the Des Moines version of Hannah Montana, basically. That got her face out there, and step by step, she got bigger, and more famous, and more successful...

Until just recently, she was a part of a girl-band, called Bin-Tah-Rog. The three of them had a falling out over the direction the band was going to take, and she left to start her own solo career. Which is pretty much where the game starts.

Jerubbaal18 Mar 17 '12 6:45am

Name: Johnathan 'J.R.' Roosevelt

Hometown: Boston, MA

Appearance: Athletic, tall and lean. Ruggedly handsome, with several scars prove he's lived his adventures.

Personality: Driven to success, at any cost. Honesty is integrity, to a fault. Lax in his academic studies, but excels physically under pressure. Enjoys pushing himself to the limit and testing his physique against any opponent.

Background: Currently attending Harvard. Team Captain and center for the Crimson lacrosse team. Member of several societies within Harvard, including the Porcellian Club. It could be said he's lived a privileged lifestyle thus far, and you wouldn't be wrong. Given his lineage, J.R. has always lived in the shadow of his ancestors. A fact that he appreciates, it's obviously opened doors for him, but also secretly despises. After all, no matter what he does he'll always be a Roosevelt with all the expectations everyone has for him. He wants to live his life for himself, his way, not according to everyone else's plans for him.

darkbird Mar 17 '12 11:13pm

Name: Larkspur Hollow

Hometown: downtown Portland, Oregon

Appearance: 5'7", weights in at around 140 lbs, thin but toned build, narrow hips/shoulders, curly dark brown hair kept just below jaw length, grey-blue eyes, slender face with a shadowy beard a shade or two lighter than hair, two bars pierced through the left ear and small hoops through both lobes, a tattoo of a lark in flight across the left shoulder blade, typically wears tight jeans and tailored blouses/button-downs, leather boots, around his neck is a braided leather cord that was tied several years ago and has remained since. In the cold: a single hazelnut colored wool scarf and a similarly colored hip-length leather jacket paired with a moss-green knitted hat.

Personality: Larkspur is quiet and keeps to himself for the most part. He has friends, but they are people who've been intrigued by him and simply started inviting him along to things. He has a tendency to "disappear" for weeks at a time from social groups, and when he appears, he always shrugs off his absences without much ado. People are in debate about his sexuality because he's been single as long as anyone can remember. He doesn't talk about his personal interests much but is amiable and will go with the flow of whatever a group is doing. He gets along alright with technology but avoids it when and where he can. He still uses a land line for phone calls. He has a computer, but everyone knows that a friend (Joanin) forced it on him one day. He doesn't mind using it, but doesn't make a point to engage in things like social media or keep up to date with the local trends, memes, news, etc. From time to time, his friends get this crazy idea that there might be something else underneath the easy-going, go-with-the-flow surface, but no-one has ever seen it. Larkspur neither confirms or denies any such allegations, whenever they do arise. Though his laughter during such conversations implies to anyone engaged that any denial is more true than a confirmation of some "dark side" would be.

Background: Larkspur has lived in Portland since birth. His parents met at the local high school, got married, had a kid, divorced, and Larkspur stayed with his dad in a small one-bedroom apartment when his mom moved away. He went to the same high school his parents did, did well enough to not cause waves, made enough friends to not seem like a social outcast, and generally just stayed out of trouble's way. He's been seen smoking weed, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, drinking coffee, handing out in cafes or bars, dancing at clubs, sitting in book shops. In general, he's happy doing what others are interested in. After high school, he went to Portland State University and studied liberal arts, got a degree, and promptly got a job as a host at a local restaurant. He moved out from his dad's place and got his own studio apartment in the Northwest neighborhood before prices soared. At the restaurant, he quickly moved through the ranks. Once he became assistant manager and bartender, the position stuck: he's good at making schedules, dissolving conflict, making the weekly order, and chatting amiably with strangers. He does a good enough job there to get time off for his "disappearances" from time to time, which are really just camping trips out into the Oregon landscape - sometimes with his dad, more often alone.

CiaphasCain Mar 19 '12 12:00am

Name: Jill Lovelace
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Personality: Calm, collected and reserved. She is (in)famous for never losing her cool over anything. It might be a defense mechanism from the pain of watching her mother leave her family, but either way, getting a rise out of her over just about anything is like pulling teeth. This doesn't mean she doesn't have strong feelings of her own. She gets excited, scared, and worried as much as anyone else... she's just very, very good at hiding it behind a poker face. She has few friends, but is very close with her aunt's family, for all intents and purpose her adopted family, especially now with her father dead.

Background: Jill was born and raised on the outskirts of Baltimore, the daughter of a bail bonds agent (the person who provides the bail money to a person being charged with a crime and subsequently has to hunt them down and make sure they appear in court if they try and skip town or go into hiding). Her parents never got along well, and when Jill was only four, her mother left without warning, abandoning both husband and daughter. A few months later, divorce papers arrived, and since they preempted the usual divorce court arguments by granting her father Brian sole custody of Jill and agreeing to monthly child support payments, the divorce was finalized without a fight.

Fortunately, although her father's work would have made it difficult to care for Jill alone, his married sister Anne took on helping to raise her niece along with her own children. Thus, Jill had three parents more or less (her father, aunt, and uncle) and two cousins that were practically as close as siblings. Growing up, it was quickly apparent she was bright and gifted, especially with computers.

She enrolled in the University of Maryland, intending to get a degree in forensic science and become a CSI agent (specializing in computers) with the Baltimore Police. Unfortunately, her father suddenly died in a car accident. Grieving over his loss and now faced with the dilemma of paying for the remaining two years of her education, Jill was stuck when her uncle Morgan provided a solution. He and her father had been partners running the bail bonds agency, and now he offered Jill a position working under him while she worked out what to do with her life.

Surprisingly, she took to it well. While her uncle, a solid 230lb brick wall of muscle with three black belts who'd originally been a Marine before marrying her aunt, had been the brawn of the operation, Jill slipped into her father's role as the brains. Her skill with computers and her partially completed degree paid off quite well. Within six months, the bail bonds agency was booming again with Jill handling the investigative side while her uncle handled the physical apprehension side. It wasn't quite what Jill had envisioned for herself. She'd been prepared for working in some lab analyzing computers and tracing email IPs, not learning to use a gun and spending days tracking people either through their computer activity (more often than not with some methods that would be less than legal if they ever came to light) or with good old-fashioned stakeouts. Yet, she's grown to like her job, especially with her uncle and the rest of his family to fill in the void of her dead father.

GilaMonster Mar 20 '12 8:43pm

Name: William Adair
Hometown: St Andrews, Scotland, UK

William typically dresses casually, jeans and shirt, but never in a way that screams 'nerd'

Personality: William is a scientist, through and through. He believes in what can be seen and proven and has little patience with mysticism. He's generally quiet, prefers to spend his free time reading (mostly science fiction, mystery or non-fiction) or fiddling with electronics than out partying.

Background: William is a physics grad student at St Andrews University. He's a few months from completing his PhD thesis (on tidal-orbital interactions of Hot Jupiter class exo-planets) and works with a number of other grad students and postdocs on the SuperWASP project (Wide Angle Search for Planets), investigating and cataloging potential extra-solar planets.

He used to practice Tai-Chi back in his undergrad days but quit a few years ago mostly for lack of free time.

He is still undecided as to whether he will stay in academia after graduation or look for a position in the growing private spaceflight industry.

Sheet: William Adair

Only thing I thing still needs doing on the sheet is the wealth and purchases. Where do you want the wealth rolls made?

Quixotico Mar 23 '12 9:12pm

Name: Oscar Spinney

Hometown: Winchester, England

Appearance: 5'7" and skinny, Oscar puts not a single bit of effort into his appearance. His clothes are baggy and comfy; usually sweatpants and a sweatshirt. His hair is curly, light brown and messy, and his eyes are the same color. Despite being in his early 20s, his face already has signs of creasing and bags under his eyes.

Personality: Oscar is autistic, and as such has little people skills. On top of this, delusions and slight paranoia make him difficult to engage for extended periods of time. Nevertheless, he is a brilliant mathematician and has a natural talent for information logic. He's able to read a variety of languages, delighting in those most uncommon, though he speaks only English. Despite taking what is, at best, uncaring attitude regarding the physical world, he has a deeply structured sense of abstract concepts and rules, of sorts.

Background: Diagnosed at the age of 11, Oscar spent most of the following years in specialized schooling. In and out of hospitals, his social sphere included his father, sister and Dr. Katz. He holds an honorary degree in mathematics and linguistics, due to the sheer number of advanced telecourses he breezed through before the age of 17.

A Note: Oscar will not be an asset of any kind in combat and most social situations. In fact, there's a good chance he'd be a burden. However, I'm hoping he can provide introspection to some very alien situations in the form of the universal language of math.

Suusan Mar 31 '12 1:23am

Any suggestions will be gladly heard and given fair consideration.

Name: Sareena Windbird

Hometown: Allakaket, Alaska
Presently living and working in Kiana, Alaska.

Appearance: 5' 8" tall, 135 lb., 36D, 23, 33
Red hair, Green eyes, Light skin color
Inuit mother, Irish father
She is pretty but not overly charismatic.
She usually wears cloths that hides her figure, not because she wants to hide it, but because she just doesn't have time to socialize. Typically, loose jeans and a baggy, long sleeved shirt and work/hiking boots(steel-toed).

Personality: She's a bit of a workaholic. If she's not tending her animal clients, she's working on her plane.

Background: Prior to age 10, she was pretty much a tom-boy. From about age 10 on, she wanted to be an 'animal doctor'. She was told that she would have to have good grades to go to veterinary school, so she began seriously improving her grades. She was never the smartest child in class, but her serious dedication placed her ahead of all but the geniuses.

She completed vet school by the time she was 26 years old. Knowing she would be working in Alaska, she also took flying lessons so she could reach the outlaying communities and farms. She already had offers and ended up taking over a vet. practice in Kiana, Alaska.

RevelationX Aug 26 '12 1:43am

Name: Vigil

Hometown: Karris' Citadel, Australia

I'll alter as you see fit, I'm not really sure how to go about the character creation part of this for now, but I can do that if you think this is up to snuff for character.

Edit: Character Sheet, well armature robots have no heroic rules so I tried to follow the rules for biomorphs and droids as closely as I could but as a large construct... Vigil might be slightly too tanky...

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