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leova May 22 '07 7:36pm

Dice Rolls, Character Generation, etc
Starting Out: Characters will start at Level 3, with standard equipment/gold, 32-Point Buy. Max HP at 1st Level, roll as normal for others.
No Psionics.
Books allowed: "Complete" series, Path of the Sword/of Magic, Sandstorm, ask about others.

Special: You may be a current follower of a God, but you will be asked to renounce that God upon admission into The Order. Such characters will receive a bonus when dealing with emmissaries of their former deity, but will also suffer that God's wrath in day-to-day occurrences. For example, a former follower of Talos, God of Storms, would be wise not to travel during a powerful storm, lest they be struck by an errant bolt of lightning...or three.

Magic: Magic is unchanged, except that characters who would normally pray to a God for their spells, instead must spend that time doing something to benefit themselves, not including sleep. A Cleric, for example, might choose to polish his/her armor for an hour, instead of prayer. A Mage/Thief might decide to re-count his loot and possessions, or sharpening his lock-picking equipment.
Characters who forego this requirement must regain their spells via the Necklace of Eclipse.

Necklace of Eclipse: Once admitted into The Order, new members will receive a Necklace of Eclipse, which must be worn at all times as a symbol of The Order.
The Necklace of Eclipse is magical, and bestows the following powers on its wearer:
Stench of Gods: The wearer can use "Detect Divinity" at will, much like a Paladin can Detect Evil. In the 1st Round, the Necklace can sense the presence of Divinity, and will vibrate. In the 2nd Round, the Necklace will detect the strength of this Divine presence, vibrating more forcefully and glowing. In the 3rd Round, the Necklace will detect which God's influence is present, and will alter its appearance into a symbol of that God.
For example, when detecting the powerful touch of Talos, the Necklace would vibrate rapidly and with great force(sufficient to cause mild discomfort to its wearer), and would appear as a glowing lightning bolt.

Divine Leak: A character that does not regain his/her spells as normal, as explained in the "Magic" section, must slay or destroy a number of true followers of a God to regain spells. Each victim's level determines the amount of spells regained, as 2 ECL corresponds to 1 Spell Level regained. For example, slaying a Level 6 follower of Cyric would allow the character 3 Spell Levels regained, which could be a single 3rd-Level spell, three 1st-Level spells, and so forth. Good characters may choose to incapacitate, weaken, or otherwise "topple" Evil characters instead of outright killing them, or may turn them in to local authorities.
Monsters and other creatures of low Intelligence don't count for Spell Levels regained, as their primitive minds cannot truly devote themselves to a God or deity.
Disclaimer: I reserve the right to approve/deny any actions with Divine Leak that may be seen as trying to "cheat the system" or abuse it in any way.

leova May 29 '07 7:08am

In-Game Dice Rolls
Roll things here if you like :)
Attack rolls, HP rolls, all that good stuff

Woozywyvern May 29 '07 8:31pm

Roll for Raen HP:
Dice Roll: 2d8+2
d8 Results: 1, 1 (Total = 4)

Oh sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No rerolls for 1's or 2's on HP is there?

MoreDread May 29 '07 10:05pm

Dice Roll:
d10 Results: 2, 8 (Total = 10)

leova May 30 '07 1:03am

you can reroll 1's only, and only for your first set of rolls

if you roll all 1's...then re-roll, and roll all 1's again, 'tis fate!

Woozywyvern May 30 '07 8:34pm

Ok, reroll of the 1 - c'mon 8!!!

Dice Roll: 1d8
d8 Results: 4

Meh, better than average, at least its better than a 1.

Meinos Kaen Oct 22 '07 3:39pm

Ok, here it goes! 1d10 + bonus Con +2...

Dice Roll: 1d10+2
d10 Results: 1 (Total = 3)

........................ BUUUU-HUUUU! T_T

leova Oct 22 '07 3:57pm


that's harsh...

OH! But it's a 1!
Go ahead and re-roll....why? because rolling a 1 for HP in a leova-run game is like having "you are screwed" come up on a magic 8-ball :D

Meinos Kaen Oct 22 '07 4:01pm

Yeah! Thanks leova-sama!

Dice Roll: 1d10+2
d10 Results: 5 (Total = 7)
HP v2

MoreDread Oct 22 '07 8:15pm

Oh dice god let Joachim be boosted to the heavens with his mighty HP

Dice Roll: 1d10
d10 Results: 10

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