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Greycloak Mar 23 '12 6:19am

Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread
Just as Sariel drifted off, three weary travellers stumble into camp - a fire and a makeshift shelter too small for six people.

Chowdah Mar 23 '12 1:56pm


Cord snorts, Well, it looks like ye lot coulda helped wit' settin' the pyre and still gotten as far along th' trail as ye did. He then starts looking about for a likely place to sleep after invoking Gozreh to soothe the hike's effects on his companions.
Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 6
Channel Positive Energy (6)

KingGoblin Mar 23 '12 8:03pm


The halfling rolls his eyes at the dwarf's snarky comment, but doesn't bother to reply. I wonder why Cord wants to start a fight. "Good to see you guys. The kidnappers are cannibals, by the way," he states, off-handedly.

Hiyami Mar 23 '12 11:01pm


Aye, you as well, Lilianna says, breathing heavily. She dropped beside the halfling stowaway that she remembered from the ship and their previous encounter - brief though it was. Although... cannibals...? I suppose that could make sense. Are they a very tribal people? Though she was exhausted, she was still eager to learn. Besides, perhaps they had their own songs...? Well, she wasn't about to go and ask, but it was still possible that she could share some of their culture with the world. Maybe.

Chowdah Mar 24 '12 9:48pm


Cord's left eyebrow crawls up his forehead, Cannibals, eh? How d'ye know? Ha' they eaten th' half-orc whilst we tended to the dead?

KingGoblin Mar 24 '12 10:34pm


Olo shrugs. "Possibly. I found a human leg-bone, with human tooth-marks on it. It's possible that it was actually half-orc, but I wouldn't be able to say for sure." He looks again at the cleric. "They ate someone. I'm not sure it matters who, but I wish there was a way to stop them."

Tyranthius Mar 25 '12 1:23am


After the brutal march Tyranthius remained silent but his ire with the dwarf has finally boiled over. Marching right up to Cord and looking right down into his weathered face. Cord, I'm tired of you pushing everyone around... I understand you feel the dead need burying but that's gives you no right to not only push Lilianna and I to total exhaustion or taking cheap shots at Olo on "a hunch". They obviously got far more information of the area than we did. The next time you want to start ruling the roost, you'll be having the discussion with the end of my blade. After losing his temper Tyranthius will leave Cord with an icy stare and walk to a secluded spot under a nice tree and quietly sit down and relax.

Hawkler Mar 25 '12 2:10am

Hawkler smiles with the sight of everyone's spirits running high.

It is nice to see that everyone is enjoying themselves. Once we get a little shut eye, and ride the night out, If everyone agrees, we can push on in the morning, with renewed vigor. Tracks will be washed away, but we might find an easier trail with the ground being soaked.

Hawkler pauses,

Lilianna it is nice to see you again, even if it was only a few hours.

Hiyami Mar 25 '12 11:10am


You as well, Lilianna responded with a smile as she wiped the sweat from her brow. A quick prestidigitation spell restored her appearance if not her stamina. And I must agree. Rest would be most welcome just now... Does anyone else agree? She looked to their other companions, wincing slightly at the elf's words. It was true that they were certainly exhausted - quite possibly beyond reason - but at the same time, there was no point in criticizing so harshly at the end. Ah, what did it matter? Perhaps by the time they woke, it would be but a memory. Hopefully. She really didn't like it when there was tension.

Sorsha Mar 25 '12 12:21pm


Tyranthius' outburst awakes the sleeping elf. She stirs, then sits up, causing the hammock to swing, and regards the newcomers crowding in to the small shelter. "You walked in the rain? You're soaked."

She slips out of the hammock, boots squelching into the damp floor of the shelter. "If we want to rest we're going to need a better retreat. Olo and Lilianna could probably share the hammock, but the rest of us would have to stand." She looks up as a large drop of water splashes off her hat. "And I'm not sure how much longer the roof will last."

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