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Valthronis Mar 23 '12 9:05pm

Comrades in Arms: Introductions
Since we'll be getting several new players in, I feel its generally necessary, since we'll be spilling blood togother, that we all make a brief introduction as to who we are, and fill in any details that may be necessary.

Please take a minute to make a brief intro as if you dont, I'll call you out anyway, and force you to make one. And if that doesn't work I'll just wont hand out your xp (that's coming very soon) untill you do. :no: ;)

and please be nice...:angel:


Mazuto Stargaze Mar 23 '12 10:37pm

Does that 'nice' thing stand for you and cambion? Cuz I was unaware there was a nice button on you two :D :P. Um, hi all. I'm Mazuto. I'm a kinda old school RP'er, used to RP with Val, Cambion, and Jarlaxle back in the day. They kinda pulled me out of a self-imposed exile so this will be the first RP I've done in a few years. So um, yeah, hi :)

BTW Val, I did the math today on something. When I first started RP'ing with you I was 13-14. I'm 22 now. We've done this for far too long :D


Valthronis Mar 23 '12 10:53pm

Yea make a guy feel old, thanks Maz.

Your off to a good start already!

Also dont forget buddy, this is a 3.5 game, so they'll be quite a bit of mechanics to learn along the way. Just as an FYI / Reminder.


Mazuto Stargaze Mar 23 '12 11:09pm

Hey, you'll totally screw up my characters anyway. I may as well get a few shots in here or there. I could kiss you butt all you want, but it wont stop the torment :P.

And yup, I'm trying to learn a few mechanics here and there. My dad is an old D&D player so I'm having him teach me some basics. :D

PS. You know you're glad to have me back old man :P (and I feel old too lol)


Valthronis Mar 23 '12 11:20pm

you know you act like i do it on purpose, you set yourself up....time and time again.

Can i help it if i am an opportunist?

Cambion Mar 24 '12 12:53am

It's crazy to think we've been playing together for almost a decade. There's a lot of good games and history here that I honestly never really expected to ever get. The "old" D&D guys used to talk about it when i first started playing and i never believed...i guess they were right after all. It's good to have some of the old gang back.

And yeah Maz, that was totally directed toward me. Apparently i'm mean or something. Meh. :p

Okay so me. I'm pretty much a big deal. Totally awesome and infallible. God looks up to me. [/delusion]
I work on Fort Bliss in the horrid city of (h)El(l) Paso, TX for the US Army. I'm a medic. I've served 2 tours in Iraq and I'm very unhappy about both. I'm a cynic. I'm a Virgo, so i tend to nitpick- just let it roll off or pick back, it's how i am. I love helping Val torment the characters and tend to give him some of the worst ideas for things to do to characters. My bad. I love books of almost any type. Computers and Art are my passion- i'm studying web maintenance and design, art is a self-taught hobby.

I have some wacky, off-the-wall characters that tend to push the boundaries of "good and evil" to the limits. Many of them are slightly off in the head. This has gotten more noticeable lately. Again, my bad. Until the shrink gives me some good meds it'll stay that way. Anyway, that's me, myself and Tom in a nutshell. More on Tom in the next installation.

Doomlord_Athakas Mar 24 '12 1:15am

General of Gehenna
I could not help but respond after I saw Mazuto's post about Cambion and Valthronis being "nice". I was laughing a lot inside given how far back Val and I go. I'm old school and Valthronis was (is) my pupil. I taught him how to torment characters, and he learned that I could still make him feel dread when I was only a player and he was the mighty DM.

Not certain why he still lets me in on these.

I've done 2nd edition through to 3.5 (and have avoided everything that has and will come after 3.5). I still remember the days of THAC0 and when AC went down to make you harder to hit (good times). I'm a veteran DM from the settings World of Greyhawk, Ravenloft, and Planescape (best setting ever).

It may take a little while longer to get my characters on board; I'm running and participating in other games, but they will be up, trust me.

Also, this is more important to Val and Cambion, but I also tend to vanish a lot in the real world. I like to hit the road or go out to sea whenever I get a chance. I'll let everyone know before I head out.

A pleasure to meet all of you. Let's play hard, die young, and make good looking corpses. That way when our next characters see our animated former characters we can say, "Hey, we still good for being dead . . . and decaying . . . and my old character just lost his arm . . . sigh."

Mazuto Stargaze Mar 24 '12 3:11am

You're stationed in Fort Bliss now Cambion? Cool, I'm at Fort Hood (not military lol, army brat :D )...and you're a medic....I find that oddly ironic :P. And yeah, we have a lot of good history between us *hugs you guys* :D :D. I'm really excited about being back and rp'ing with you guys. After...well...all the crap I've just gone through, it's good to be happy again...even if it is at being tormented.

And oh god. The guy who taught Gabe.....I feel as if this game should come with a warning label. BTW Doomlord, if you are around a bit, I would love for you to help teach me a little about 3.5 and such. I ICRP a bit, but haven't played D&D much at all.


Doomlord_Athakas Mar 24 '12 4:02am

General of Gehenna
Yeah, a warning label for f---ing awesomeness!

Remember, this time, I am (mostly) on your side.

Yeah, Mazuto, Val expressly ask me to help out with the rule clarifications. Apparently, I'm the rule king (I think the proper term is Nazi). I'll just have to remember that this is pure 3.5, not the normal house rules I use. The changes are not that different, I just despise the new Damage Reduction rules (and it's purely an ideological planar argument). I know we have a technical thread for all of those questions, so it will not be a problem. It will probably be a little rocky in the beginning, but we will get through it.

Jarlaxle91 Mar 24 '12 7:24pm

I guess it is my turn.

I've been playing dnd since I was about 11 years old, so 21 years now. That kinda crazy when you put it into perspective. Sorta makes me feel old. I was definitely upset when they switched to version 3 because I hate change, but I finally got used to 3.5 and they spring 4 on us. I guess my main complaint is the game has been simplified way too much over the years. I was mostly a dm when I played and I focused almost entirely on the role play. That's why I think I honestly prefer a forum based game to the around the table style. How often do you hear that?

I obviously love to write and I think I'm pretty decent at it. I've rp'd with Val for a few years now, I actually rp'd with Cambion a very long time ago so I guess I've known her longest of the group. There are a lot of good memories and I hope to generate many more here.

My hobbies are reading, hockey, hanging with my daughter(s) (I have another one that is due to be born somewhere in early April), drinking, darts and pool, and generally just having a good time. I work for a collection agency as the bookkeeping manager. (I was an actual collector about 2 years ago so yeah, I was that asshole)

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