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ImbolcTwentyTwo Apr 5 '12 11:57am

Monstrous Gestalt Peacekeepers
I'm looking for 4 players to join me in a game. Obviously. The description is below. Rules on character creation are here. Applications go here. Have fun.

Shihong Apr 5 '12 12:21pm

I can never get enough monsters!

One quick question. When you say:

You will not have a "race" per se. Instead, you must take at least a total of five levels of any one or more non-Template class
Does that mean that one side of the gestalt will be reserved for races and the other for classes, or will both sides of the gestalt eventually segue into classes (assuming you stop taking levels in a monster class)?

Celtic Guardian 7 Apr 5 '12 12:22pm

Nice idea! I won't be signing up, but best of luck to everyone who does!

ImbolcTwentyTwo Apr 5 '12 12:39pm

It saddens me to hear that Celtic! But thanks for the well-wishes.

@Shihong, Neither can I! That's why I made this game when Doctor suddenly lost his license. To answer your question, the only thing that is reserved is that you need five levels. You could be a War Troll 2/Swashbuckler 8||Tsochar 3/Wizard 7 just as easily as anything else.

Shihong Apr 5 '12 12:50pm

Great! Another question: Rolling for HP, or max each level?

And another, perhaps more important one. I know this is labeled as 3.5e, but you're allowing Pathfinder content. Does this mean that base classes (Fighter/Sorcerer/Cleric/Etc) will default to the Pathfinder version? I know you're using the 3.5e skill list. What of feats like Power Attack or Toughness?

Cnyperos Apr 5 '12 1:29pm

I would totally want to play this.

Inscribed Apr 5 '12 1:34pm

I am interested. This is very interesting indeed, allready roiling in ideas. Might take a little while to figure out what idea to go with. Hope application acceptance won't be accepted to soon!

ImbolcTwentyTwo Apr 5 '12 2:33pm

Shihong's questions:
1) Sure, max at each level. Why not?
2) We'll use the 3.5 version of any any feats if they are available but you can take Pathfinder feats if they have no 3.5 analogs.

I'm keeping the app open until interest dies down, so hopefully there won't be any rush.

TanaNari Apr 5 '12 2:47pm

Is this just straight monsters assigned, or are we using the gitp/bg monster racial progressions? If the former: how do we handle the HD/LA of creatures to determine how much of our gestalt is used?

Cnyperos Apr 5 '12 2:50pm

We are using gitp/bg racial progressions, the sites are linked too in the character creation thread/post in paragraph 4.

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