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kriss1989 Apr 15 '12 4:16am

Amanda Shoals
Name: Amanda Shoals

Appearance: A rather tall woman with dark hair, she tends to stand out if only for her height. The fact that she also dresses like a chef everywhere she goes doesn't really help matters that much.

Background Information: As a little girl, Amanda was very small for her age (she had some growth spurts OK?) and was often teased as a child because of this. So for her seventh birthday, her father got a surprise for her. Her very first Pokemon, a rattata. Amanda doted on the creature, whom she named Nibbles, and soon the two became close friends. And then two years later, Nibbles became infected with Blight. Amanda's best friend turned on her and attacked her before fleeing, leaving the poor girl sick for weeks.

In the time since then Amanda has grown quite a bit and has turned her hands towards a variety of house work such as sewing, cleaning, and of course cooking. She's found herself to be quite good at it and has become the town's sort of unofficial chef; providing good food whenever there is a celebration of some sort.

She has become a bit more thoughtful of late, and still to some degree misses Nibbles. She has also wondered if, perhaps, it's not too late for him. Maybe there could be a cure to this blight...

Pokemon Wishlist: Rattata, Zubat, Chancy, Litwick, Croagunk

Goal: She basically wants to make it so that kids can once again have pokemon as friends. Another goal is for her to help find a cure for the blight. Finally, she hopes to one day rescue Nibbles.

Writing Sample:W.I.P.

Probable Character Class: A Breeder, going into Chef and probably Nurse.


Trainer Character Sheet
Name  : Amanda Shoals  |Gender: Female      |Max HP :
Age    : 18                    |Height:  6' 9"                |Money  : ?
Level  : 0                      |Weight:  178 lbs            |Pokemon:(?/?)
Classes: ?

STR | 9 |  0  |  9  | -1
DEX | 9 |  0  |  9  | -1
CON | 10 |  0  |  10  | 0
INT |  10 |  0  |  10  | 0
WIS |  13 | 0  |  13  | +1
CHA |  13 |  0  |  13  | +1
Current Team

Stored Pokemon

(Level Gained/Name/Page #/Notes)


Pokedex: 0 Caught, 0 Seen

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