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silveroak Apr 16 '12 6:02am

give an answer, get a question
each person should post a question to which the answer above them is a reasonable answer, followed with a new answer for teh next person. For example, if i were responding to "blue" i could ask what color is the sky?" "What color are Elvis' suede shoes?" or "What is your favorite color."
Now for an answer to kick things off:
The Laplace transformation.

Shirocco Apr 16 '12 7:20am

And what exactly were you doing in that telephone box?

Black russian.

silveroak Apr 16 '12 1:49pm

What do you call a cosmonaut after an unsuccessfull launch?

Handsy Smurf

Onigato Apr 17 '12 1:08am

What is the name of the most impertnant Smurf?


Mordae Apr 17 '12 3:43am

What are not what they eat?

Bell, book and candle

Orchomenos Apr 17 '12 4:08am

What components do you need to cast an awakening spell?

The Mariana Trench

DannyTorrance Apr 17 '12 4:18am

What is Paris Hilton's Myth-weavers handle?

The Plateau of Leng

Saag Vaar Apr 17 '12 1:55pm

What lies north of the Dreamlands?


matty Apr 17 '12 3:01pm

What is your favourite World of Warcraft Expansion pack?

5 hours.

canjowolf Apr 19 '12 4:18am

How long have you been hanging out on Myth-Weavers?

The Bhagavad Gita.

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