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DruSilverfox Apr 20 '12 4:20am

2 Rogues and a Cleric walk into a dungeon...
Looking for 2 Rogues and a Cleric to supplement 2 groups of Adventurers. You will begin with the same amount of XP as the group you go into. I group would love a Cleric and Rogue, the other really needs a Rogue. Ignore the original information below regarding applications and such.


Lanth Sor Apr 20 '12 6:45am

Defined need a rogue. Do you mean dungeon delving skill monkey?

And is cleric buffer or unlimited bottle of HP

DruSilverfox Apr 20 '12 1:45pm

As this is a dungeon run, a skill monkey is a good idea. And all Clerics are bottles of HP if played correctly.

paladinred Apr 20 '12 4:22pm

I will put a cleric together ASAP, just finnished a PFRPG game with a witch (awsome). What level?

Sheet for Sister Evie

I have put my app in the app thread in the forum, it is WIP and will be finnished later today.

DruSilverfox Apr 20 '12 7:43pm

You will be 1st level, but progression to 2nd is quick enough.

pisceanpaul Apr 20 '12 9:19pm

I'd love to play a rogue. Point buy?

Fools Folly Apr 21 '12 10:19am

I'd be willing and able to jump into the second rogue. Assuming 1st level as well. 20 point-buy (as it says above.) Give me a moment to work something together.

Name: Llysander Delholme

Race/Class: Human/Rogue

Stat Block: [Str: 10] | [Dex: 16] | [Con: 14] | [Int: 14] | [Wis: 10] | [Cha: 14]


Description: Llysander usually dons a thick cloak over his chain armor and rather dark leather clothing. Adopting a cowl over his features to allow him a better chance to blend into either crowds or shadows. He's equally adept at using the bow strung across his back, or the rapier often slung upon his hip. A black leather belt and boot combo finishing up his attire.

Background: Llysander, often called Lies by his closest companions, grew up in the shadows of the street like so many other children who've been tossed aside or simply forgotten. He lived in a cliche of other kids who banded together, raised by a halfling who often dressed as one of the children to survive. They would perform or outright steal for food and coin, often the older children taking the brunt of the responsibility for the younger ones. Lies was one of those who found his talents best suited to stealing day by day or deceiving those who he sensed could be taken to an extreme for the betterment of the children. Lies wasn't against working to make ends meet either, often sweeping out local taverns or temples for a few coppers. It didn't take long for him to realize that the coin he could make by hiring out his skills to banding adventurers was sufficiently higher than he or the other kids could make in a month of begging or stealing. After a few randoms jobs he had enough to purchase the small hovel that his 'family' had overtaken and sustain them in-between his adventures. He was still looking for that one big score that would settle him and the kids for the rest of their lives.

Character Sheet: Llysander

DruSilverfox Apr 22 '12 7:10am

@Pisceanpaul: Stats are bought through points:

7: +4 points for you
8: +2 points for you
9: +1 points for you
10: No cost, all stats begin at 10
11: 1 point
12: 2 points
13: 3 points
14: 5 points
15: 7 points
16: 10 points
17: 13 points
18: 17 points

Any other questions?

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