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Solaris Apr 28 '12 10:57am

An End of War (with house-rules)
Admissions are ongoing, but I'll cut 'em off when the player load gets to be 'too much'. PM me if you're interested in playing. I'm serious - PM me, I'm not checking on this thread very often anymore.

Miss Apr 28 '12 1:00pm

Absolutely interested and will work on something for you. I've an interesting idea I've been meaning to try out in Eberron I call "The Hijacker" but we'll have to see how it goes. ;)

TanaNari Apr 28 '12 1:05pm

You'll have my app either tonight or tomorrow night. Depending on how bad work is for me this weekend.

Solaris Apr 28 '12 2:38pm

Splendid. I look forward to both of them.

Wiz Apr 28 '12 3:06pm

Very interested.

userpay Apr 28 '12 3:21pm

I've got a psiforged from previous games I'd love to toss in here.

Martenzo Apr 28 '12 4:57pm

Interested. Might need some help figuring out all the house rules, though, considering I haven't written up a 3.5e sheet in *checks* wow. Over a year now. Probably going for Warforged Paladin/Fighter.

MehMuffin Apr 28 '12 7:06pm

Interested, might mess up with the house rules a bit, though, new to 3.5.

Solaris Apr 28 '12 7:34pm

Don't worry, I'm pretty used to people whiffing my house rules. If you can be patient, I can be patient too.

Just be advised that they're gonna send me to the field from the 4th to the 8th (FTX while in Kuwait... and here I thought I went Aviation to get away from those shenanigans), so I'm gonna be offline during that time. I'll see what I can work out so's we're not on a complete stall then - might draft my little brother into running something, or at least putting you guys in a tavern or someplace where you can RP.

MehMuffin Apr 28 '12 8:00pm

Are whisper gnomes (Races of Stone) or Lesser Tieflings allowed as a race?

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