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Silverthorne May 9 '12 11:53pm

seeking aid
Well its happened. A slow point in the game and a few of the players left. So, I am opening up the game for a few new faces.

King Landis decrees that adventurers are needed to seek out the Lost city of Aragoth. Those willing to undertake this journey will be granted their weight in gold. The only lead he has is a scrap of an old map that he found in his days as a conquerer. The King seeks all adventurers willing to seek out the legendary city.
This is going to be Gurps Fantasy game.
Characters are built on 250 points with -75 disadvantages and and additional -5 in quirks. I have several people already interested in the game, but I am opening it up to anyone wanting to try it.

Base Tech Level is 3. No one has higher tech that that.
Wealth is the base starting wealth for tech level 3, modified by your wealth.

Basic, Magic, Thaumaturgy, Fantasy, Fantasy Folk, Dragons, and Low Tech.

No super attributes, powers or the like.
Magery is capped at 3.
Breaking down magery into titles: Apprentice(Aspirant) level 0, Journeyman(Lay Healer) level 1, Adept(Priest) level 2, Master(Head Priest) level 3

Melverne May 10 '12 2:45am

I've been looking for a GURPS game to play in. How long are you recruiting? It will probably be this weekend before I get anything put together.

galenbd May 10 '12 2:50am

I got lost in the last game, but tried to bow out gracefully. Mind if I try again?

KingGoblin May 10 '12 2:52am

I remember looking at this when you advertised at first, and half-making a character. How many are you looking for, and is there a specific niche you hope to fill?

Silverthorne May 10 '12 3:24am

@Melverne, This will be open for at least a week. I hope to take the hopefuls and drop them into the game.

@galenbd, your welcome to try again.

@KingGoblin, open to about 4 people. If the first three post regularly and help advance the story, I will close it off, If not, then I will keep looking for active players.

Everyone, If I do not post directly after yours, or wait a day or two to post, please take the time to converse between your character and the others. I hope to build alliances within the party, even if there is a bit of discord.

Melverne May 10 '12 3:35am

Excellent. I have a concept ready to go. He won't be a combat machine so I hope that is not an aspect the party is missing. Is there anything I need to know about the setting? Are the current players heroic or are they inclined to do evil?

Silverthorne May 10 '12 4:06am

other than the above info, no. The current group is a mix of heroic types. One or two rogues are there as well.

Drunva May 10 '12 5:54am

Hello Silverthorne!! I have a very cool concept in mind for this. All races (that make sense) allowed for this?

Silverthorne May 10 '12 6:37am

mostly its humans one ellyon and a lizard man.. so its pretty open.

Drunva May 10 '12 8:29pm

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