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AgentD May 21 '12 5:40pm

OOC Shenanigans
For whatever and whoever.

AgentD Jun 5 '12 10:58am the Apps thread, in Firefox, I'm seeing a big void after Kopana's entry, and can only see CC's in the Topic Review upon hitting Reply...

It could be the 'constructing' 'smilie' or possibly the secret text inside a spoiler box.

CalynCorr Jun 6 '12 1:53am

What's 'squishy' mean, exactly? Non-combatant type?

Galedeep Jun 6 '12 1:54am

Yep. Can't take a hit types. As in, generally speaking, an intellectual type mage won't also have 40 DR and 20 HP.

CalynCorr Jun 6 '12 2:21am

Ah. Squishy. As in the sound they make when they get hit. LOL *nods* Got it, thanks Gale. :)

AgentD Jun 6 '12 3:00am

Hah! Indeed. Especially regarding DR. Though in this game, a little HP is not impossible for a squishy. It'd likely be without mass or weight.

For one thing, everyone has CHP (Cinematic Hit Points, which is most crushing damage) equal to 2 x HP +5 so even 10 HP is 25 CHP. Which simulates comics where someone getting hit in the face with a lead pipe by as well-muscled hooligan or whatnot is not as lethal as baseline GURPS might engender (and yet a knife is surius biznuss). Not all comics are created equal of course, but well, the heroes almost always get more breaks than 'that guy we had die to show how hardcore this comic is/has become'. And 'oh look, he/she is bleeding a bit from the mouth from that punch OHHHHH' is not real injury when it is mostly irrelevant and is probably going to disappear in a couple panels.


AgentD Jun 13 '12 11:53am

As listed under Campaign Updates, all chars will now have 25 pts to distribute in Power Skills, as 'extra'. If you don't have use for it for activated abilities, dump some of it in stuff that can make use of it for Stunts n such. I would of course allow it to be held in reserve for advancement towards Power Skills. I would also probably allow some to simply dump into skills if there is too little of good use or interesting utility in the char's power structure.

If you already meet the minimum, grats, you have 25 wherever you like.

AgentD Jun 18 '12 9:37am

Still occupying myself tweaking some things. Building NPCs n such. Will try and start within a month, assuming I get all the characters sometime before then. Which is because I prefer to have everyone before tweaking certain things, plus I'm still juggling a few ideas for precise start method, though I certainly have a default already.

Hopefully everyone is cool with a slower bubbling sort of start. It was mostly the plan, but some patience is needed. Suffice to saw 'slower' is not intended to be 'never'; certainly not designed from my end, anyway.

But I am fairly sure some of you have had/seen some wrenching campaign nosedives here over time. :) So figured I'd just emphasize this here.

Galedeep Jun 18 '12 6:36pm

It's all good, bossman. Slower might be better; work has been ridiculous, and I got home yesterday from a 5 am to 9 pm shift, on fathers day, in a barbeque place working the smokers, and just fell over. Upside, got 58 hours last week, so the check will be nice.

But yeah, a little slower is fine.

CalynCorr Jun 19 '12 11:09am

A slower pace is more sustainable for me, over all, and I'd much prefer a slow start followed by longevity than quick start that sputters to nothing. ;)

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