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cheezal May 30 '12 4:50am

Character Creation
Welcome,The Process of this Character creation will be different then the standard Gurps game.

You are in effect Mortal Avatars of one of the Formerly Trapped gods/goddesses.

Which one is yet to be determined. Fate After all is involved.

In a Seperate Private message to me ,please do the following.

Roll a D10/2 to Determine which of the five allegiances you serve





Secondly when the Gods tried to fuse with Mortal hosts,in their weakened state’s things didn’t go to plan.
Pure subdugation of the hosts weren’t all successful.

So roll 1d100 to determine how much of the mortal host has been taken over.

If you roll 100%,the God in question has taken total control.

A roll of 50% will have the host constantly fighting a battle of wills with something in side of them that seeks control.

Anything less than 50% leads to a different state of affairs.

What this means is the god is unable to fully mount a take over of the host at least in a fully healthy state,and that mortal itself has dominance,but suddenly aware they have emerging powers.

* There will also be a Pts total and a God template coming.

cheezal Jul 17 '12 6:42am

God Template:
150pts ,45pt Disadvantages,5 Quirks:

Why so low? you have only just landed back on the mortal plane.
You will have some hidden aspects also at the outset,but they havent manifested themselves yet.

Depending on Your Godly internal presence,You may be able to take up to 25% of your pts in Allies(Followers).
Who you will draw some power from daily.

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