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NM020110 May 31 '12 9:45pm

I'm fairly sure it couldn't get any worse...
Inspired by the various zombie threads showing up around here, and a few books that I've read semi-recently.

The rules on this game are simple. A scenario is given. The next poster attempts to make the scenario worse, while still following the same theme. For example:


Originally Posted by Poster 1
I'm fairly sure that we couldn't do worse that a zombie apocalypse.


Originally Posted by Poster 2
Hmmm...the virus causing the zombies could be capable of infecting people through the air.

Once the scenario has evolved to the point where the poster's imagination can't make it any worse, and if around two days have passed since the post(so that, if someone does have an idea, they can post it), then a new scenario should be proposed and the old one designated as the worst case scenario possible.

For example:

Originally Posted by Poster 7
It could still be worse...the zombie apocalypse, powered by an airborne virus capable of restructuring its host and infecting both living and recently dead creatures (not just humans), ignoring thermodynamics, and increasing the general intelligence level of any infected to above the human average, could also develop an intelligent and aggressive hive-mind.


Originally Posted by Poster 8, two days later
I think that that's the limit for a zombie apocalypse...maybe an alien invasion could do worse?

Now that the rules are up, let's see what can be done with the various disasters. I'll start off with a leaked bioweapon that causes conditions remarkably similar to vampirism, and is spread by blood to blood contact, such as what might occur when feeding.

SingleSyllable May 31 '12 10:34pm

It would be worse if the bioweapon also affected the structure of the skin cells in the human body, making them glitter faintly in the sunlight. Twilight
I'm talking about the typical obsessive ones
fans would flock to them, spreading the condition exponentially.

MadHatter Jun 1 '12 12:03am

To make matter even worse, the only know cure is to incinerate the entire human host body before the virus can replicate. Either by using acid or some type of propellant. Due to the higher cellular regeneration of the infected bioweapon Vampire disease, the whole body needs to be burned down to a skeletal level or beyond.

Ikul Jun 1 '12 12:09am

And if that were the case, the bodies could be highly fire-resistant, requiring immense temperatures to do any damage to them.

MadHatter Jun 1 '12 1:50am

To make matters worse the bodies gained increase speed and strength. Literaly able to absorb 9mm bullets and lower caliber without doing any major damage. Not to mention their increased speed made them 3x as fast as Cheetahs when running all out. During the testing in the Atlanta CDC Center, one of the infected was clocked at being able to run 95 mph.

thequietone Jun 1 '12 2:47am

And then, just when you thought it couldn't possibly get any worse, the infection jumps the species barrier. Vampiric lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Mordae Jun 1 '12 3:06am

And just when you thought breaking out the nukes would take them out, you find out that they have evolved collective intelligence and are already three steps ahead of you. Those underground silos, alert bombers, and hidden ballistic missile submarines? Already infected into the hive mind.

TanaNari Jun 1 '12 4:20am

Then the only thing that'd be worse is to be amongst the few surviving humans that are somehow immune. One way or another, your existence would be almost nothing but various needles and fluids either entering or exiting your body.

MadHatter Jun 1 '12 5:36am

Just when you thought this might be the end a nuke was accidentally launched and target towards Washington. The president and Air Force One become infect with Virile-Vamps. Washintgon was destroyed and in the fallout the Virile-Vamps in the area become transformed into Radioactive Ghouls.

SingleSyllable Jun 1 '12 6:16am

To to top it all off, those radioactive ghouls have the strength of 12 silverback gorillas while being 36 feet tall.

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