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Flying Dutchman Jun 8 '12 2:47am

Chapter 2: Beggars and Thieves
The morning of your third day out of pallet town is a miserable one. The sun is hidden behind the clouds and a chilly mist falls from the sky. You've all been bloodied, beaten, and infected with blight. Your dirty from sleeping out doors and your feet and legs are sore from all the walking. You knew it would be dangerous, but just how dangerous is beginning to sink in. The journey has been a hard one, but you feel a sense of accomplishment like no other times during your young lives.

The city comes into view as you crest a small hill about two miles out. You can see the skyline of what used to be one of the major cities of Kanto. Even from this distance you can tell that the city has seen better days. Everything looks...... hallow. The feeling grows as you get nearer. The windows of buildings are broken out. The outsides have rusted and you don't see a single building where the paint isn't peeled away. As you approach the palisade wall around the city your long journey comes to a close.

Kelgate Jun 8 '12 4:02am

Richard Harrelson
The mist had been steady all morning, giving the poor, sick male a little reprieve from the heat that was trying to succumb him. He couldn't even lift the woman that was in trouble, he couldn't lift red.... But he wasn't going to lift anyone behind.. Hair messed in its lack of sleep, eyes did not hold the spark of red from contacts but instead in its normal brown, hazel flecks. Eyes were weary, body was starting to gather with fatigue, the sickness of the blight weakening him far beyond his own limits... He couldn't keep this up for much longer... He felt drained, he felt powerless, but a look back towards the unconscious figure of Red gave him the determination to bring her back home. there... Almost...there.."

Mind belittling his weakness, forcing him to continue. Each few steps was met with the same concentration and mind-set, he was almost there, just need a few more steps. The make-shift device he had hand-crafted from the tent he burrowed hanging from him.. The poles he gripped to keep it elevated. The tarp of the tent, held by the fallen form of the female beauty, ensuring that she didn't get scratched up as he literally... dragged her towards the city. Before his eyes, with a smile to see that the city was finally almost there. It looked much worse then Pallet town however, damaged and ran down which begged the question for Richard.

Is this... better then the....forest?

It didn't matter to him, while the Pokedex was healing him, battling the blight and infection that caused sweat to pour from his forehead and leaked across his body. To cause him to flutter into a fit of coughing, to want his body to lock up, and physically give up but it was the determination of safety, that brought him towards those palisade walls, and closer to the land of Viridian City. His feet stumbling out from under him, and his body crippling to the ground, onto his knees in a fit of coughing.. his body was finally beginning to seize up, and the torture and torment of not being physically strong or mentally touch, for being sick was starting to play a factor in not only his recovery.. but his stride to continue.. his body was shutting down and wanted to just fall asleep to recover.

"So...someone help.... Help.... anyone... S....She needs medical attention... she needs help....she....she is sick.."

No words came out in a whisper to help him, instead, as weak as his voice crackled, and the beads of sweat poured from him... He wanted her safe. He wanted someone to help him, help her... He promised himself he was going to get her out, and he be damned if he was going to let her go now, let her fall soo close to the gates... soo close to safety

Flying Dutchman Jun 8 '12 5:39pm

RichardAs you approach the gates, A man standing guard calls out to you. "Hail! What's that boy? Whats that your dragging?

He comes out to you and looks down at the bloodied girl.

"Who's that? she looks like death."

Kelgate Jun 8 '12 5:56pm

Richard Harrelson
At least he got a response at this current juncture. Breath was starting to grow more shallow as he was fitted onto his knees in pain, the palisade walls were now a place for him to get stuck, and he didn't have the time for this, he needed to get her to medical attention before it was too late. Pain coerced through his body, causing the poor male to squirt out a shiver from the spine and his teeth to grit, eyes closed for the sharp pain of the blight before he had reopened them.

"Her... name is Red... She is from here.... She got the woods... She needs medical attention... right away or she will look like death... Let me in.. Get me someone that can treat her. She needs help... RIGHT NOW!! She knows the professor, please...."

Richard had gotten to a point where he was trying to plead with the guard, hand took a chance. Slinking itself up to try and force a brush of the sweat away from his forehead before he knew what he needed to do next... He needed to tell them who he was.

"I'm Richard... Harrelson.. Son to the trade in Pallet Town... I was on mah.... Nyagh!... On my way here.. oow... For the Professor. I heard a scream.. I saved her so please.. Get her some help at least get her help...

Flying Dutchman Jun 8 '12 6:05pm

Richard"Red you say, knows the old professor? She must mean Sweet. I think they live over in the Gray district. North four blocks and West 3 blocks. The big house on the south side of the street. I'd help you son but I can't leave my post. You'll have to get her there yourself." With that he walks back to the wall and takes his position once more.

Kelgate Jun 8 '12 6:08pm

Richard Harrelson
Oh, he was going to get her there... Even if he collapses from the exhaustion but at least falling to his knees had given him a chance to try and muster up some strength... And try to get back his energy. A small break, if he could have one.

"Is there, where she can get treated? She needs medical help before anything else.. The big house.. is where I can.. ph... Get her treated?"

Body literally forcing himself to stand. Legs were wobbly, his knees felt weak, but with a grunt and a muster of strength once again. The sick form of Richard pushed himself back to a vertical base, and back to standing.

Flying Dutchman Jun 8 '12 6:12pm

RichardThe man Frowns, "No idea, haven't had a real hospital in years. You'll have to see what Sweet can do for her."

Kelgate Jun 8 '12 6:26pm

Richard Harrelson
Son of...a bitch..

That was the only thing that was going on in his head when he heard the news. They didn't have a hospital! How was she going to get treated? She needed help, and it was help that he couldn't give! Surely, they had some protection from the blight didn't they? Pulling onto the bar once more, that was used for the tent once in his life, Richard began to set off again, at his own pace. Though it had decreased and lessened as the hour went on due to fatigue and the pain of rest becoming clearly evident.

North Four blocks... West three blocks... How far could that be right?

Trust me Richard, you don't want to know the answer of that question.

Flying Dutchman Jun 8 '12 6:34pm

You reach the house in question after almost another half-hour of walking and dragging. You knock on the door with all of the force you can still muster. A tall red-haired woman opens the door, sees Red and screams "Oh Red, you stupid girl what have you gone and done. Bring her in here." You take a moment to examine the woman. She looks, pretty much the same as red with a few more years on her, Although she wears glasses and her face is a little softer.

After dragging the girl in the room, the woman takes her into the back and lays her in a bed. The woman begins to inspect her wounds then goes into the back and gets a clear plastic case out of a cupboard. Then she begins to bandage and clean the girls wounds. You stand around awkwardly for a few minutes before she finishes and turns back to you.

"Thank you for bringing her back. Can you tell me what happened or would you like to get some rest first?"

Kelgate Jun 8 '12 6:56pm

Richard Harrelson
Half an hour felt like days in his mind, or rather the way his body was reacting. There were times where his body urged himself to stop, wanting to do nothing but heave itself into a convulsion and puke itself up. He was starting to get dehydrated from the exhaustion, and unable to get the fluids into his body that he needed since he was soo concerned about her well-being, he didn't have time to consider his own health, which the Pokedex was trying to heal up.

Pulling himself towards the door of the big house once more, his hand clenched in a rather awkward fist before it smacked lightly, weakly onto the frame. It was enough to get a response, and Richard tried to fake a feigned smile but it just wasn't the time or place, hazel orbs focused on her expression, her face as soon as she saw Red.. She knew her name so this must be the right place.

Doing as the woman wished, he began to drag with the use of the tarp of the tent to bring himself into the room. Each step, felt like climbing a mountain while lifting a rock. His feet felt like they were cemented to the floor, each draw of the knees upward came with pain, with a begging to stop, but he was there, just a few more steps and he was inside. He can rest soon... soon hopefully

"She got attacked..... Sleeping powder... or something... I heard a scream... I did my best.. to draw away.. A cough stumbled from his lips, forced itself out to halt his speech before he carried on. ""their attention.. she needs medical attention. She is in bad condition... I tried to help, I can't... I couldn't do more... then bring her back.. Please.. help her.... Please..."

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