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EpicStory Jun 17 '12 3:10am

The Travelers
Prelude to the Story: You notice the road is wide and well traveled as you come upon the of main entry to the river town of Bellis. The sentry approaches you, and seems quite under whelmed by your arrival. He gives you a look, and seems fine enough with your passing. After a nod and a gesture, you proceed up the muddy track and through the rickety and ram shod walls that encircle the township. The sun shines sparsely through the thick trees mixed about the dwellings. You see many of the working folk going about their chores. The bakers cart their aromatic breads to shop, and the women are gathering brightly colored vegetables to bring home for supper. Tradesman outside their shops are selling tools or banging at metal with mallets that thunder in the air with a CLANK CLANK CLANK. You find yourself quite relieved to be amongst civilized folk. Most of these townies don’t know the life of a traveler. There will be many questions at the inn tonight. Have you been in battle? What of the strange doings in the North? Did you ever kill any strange beasts? Do you know magic?
You are used to this type of questioning in each new village or town you have entered. It is a small trade off for a soft bed and some warm meat in your belly. Besides you know the next great adventure always starts in the most mundane of places… it seems every town has it own story, and its own secrets. Perhaps Bellis will reveal some her’s before the night passes…

Cleric8092 Jun 17 '12 4:32am

Really like the description. Both the details and the flavor of it. Jives well with a character I've had in mind for a while. Interested. Hero points? Anti-heroes?

Celtic Guardian 7 Jun 17 '12 4:48am

Interested; if you make a rolling topic in the forums I'll see where my luck lands.

Cleric8092 Jun 17 '12 4:59am

I've had the basics of this character in mind for quite a while. Human Evocation Wizard.

(Information moved to dice roll thread and character application thread.)

Ozymandias2008 Jun 17 '12 5:53am

Will, you cant roll in advertisements as Mods have it coded that way. Our GM will need to set up a thread in the forum for us to do rolls in. I'll be more than happy to breate a character pending the forum gets set up a bit more for gameplay and character applications.

Ascaroth Jun 17 '12 7:30am

Just go to the forum listed at the top, There is now a Dice Rolling thread and an App Thread.

EpicStory Jun 17 '12 8:17am

Sorry to be such a total newbie.. but how do I add a dice rolling thread for you guys?

EpicStory Jun 17 '12 8:19am

Thanks Ascaroth... I see you already added it for me ;)

ctk86 Jun 17 '12 8:50am

I have a character concept that I have wanted to play for a while, but the race is not in the pre-approved group.

vonpenguin Jun 17 '12 9:42am

Consider me interested. I'll be rolling my stats in a sec and work out the rest after I see what I have to work with.

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