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noobiegameplayer Sep 12 '12 12:16pm

Oh no!!! I'll miss you
If for some reason you're going to be absent ... post in here please :

Clearing previous posts as everyone is back now :)

electricpiper Oct 1 '12 7:54pm

I'll be off on vacation starting on the 6th; going to go visit CG7 for the week and I'll be back full-time on the 15th. I don't expect that my posting should be interrupted (or hers, I suppose), but there's the heads up for you all just in case.

Rumrunner Oct 1 '12 8:04pm

I'll be out from the 12-17th, Pumpkin fest... I love pumpkins. I may get a few posts in, but no guarantees.

noobiegameplayer Oct 2 '12 12:47am

EP, I'll expect you and CG to be jamming the posts, you should be inspiring each other and ... oh, you'll probably want to do romantic stuff won't you ... ???

Doh ... have fun :)

Rum No probs :)

Ren Zhe Oct 2 '12 6:25pm

Ack, sorry to see you go, Ty. Hope you can come back to us.

Rumrunner Oct 2 '12 6:49pm

Maybe he'll come back as a real boy? j/k I like Union the way he is. Hopefully things work out Ty, it's been swell, Cheers.

electricpiper Oct 2 '12 7:03pm

Wish we could've had longer to get to know each other, Ty.

Also, noobie, didn't you know that playing DnD is one of the most romantic things you can do? For shame. :p

Celtic Guardian 7 Oct 2 '12 7:41pm

Wait, Ty's leaving? Nooooooooooooo! =( I can understand why but that hurts, Union was so cool.

noobiegameplayer Oct 2 '12 8:05pm

Yah, but just like Krivith and Talzith, Union has a way to be written back in if the players would like to come back :)

@ EP I know it is, I've got candles and romantic music playing as I write this ... :)

PureChance Oct 2 '12 10:10pm

Sadface. On a slight more selfish note, at least he's still there for Shades of Grey :)

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