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ThirtyThr33 Jun 21 '12 4:02pm

A Savage 'Verse

Please read the game forum for details.

Pumpkin31415 Jun 21 '12 5:14pm

Posting interest, either a pilot or a mech.

Dienekes Jun 21 '12 6:03pm

I'd be interested in playing, need to read up on Savage Worlds a bit though.

Mook_Fodder Jun 21 '12 7:08pm

I love Savage Worlds as a system... time to rewatch firefly.

WhiteKnight777 Jun 21 '12 7:19pm

Wow, I really enjoy the pitch. I looked over the game forum to get an idea of what sort of applications you're looking for, and I'm going to start working on a character concept. I'm not familiar with Savage Worlds, but I am conversant in the details of the Firefly 'Verse.

Given the nature of the game and the fact that we're all supposed to know each other beforehand, I was wondering if anyone would like to work on a shared background (Pumpkin? I've seen your writing, I know you're pretty good.) Perhaps as old friends, siblings, war buddies, business partners - anything to help add some zest to the applications.

The only issue there would be one person getting in and the other not... but backstories can always be rewritten. Besides, linked backgrounds often produce stronger characters.

Pumpkin31415 Jun 21 '12 7:40pm

Aww, thanks WhiteKnight. You're no slouch yourself ;). I'd love to mix backgrounds. I'm pretty much up for whatever.

WhiteKnight777 Jun 21 '12 7:43pm

Thanks! Did you have a particular background for your character in mind? I know you're thinking a pilot or a mechanic, but any thoughts as to personal background?

Pumpkin31415 Jun 22 '12 12:37am

Right now I'm tossing around the idea of a kind of junkyard dog-type. Spent a lot of time around scrap and such, enough so that eventually she was able to bring machines back to life in her spare time (at least for a while). She likes betting dirty, whether its engine grease, mud, sweat, or blood.

But, I understand things are fluid right now, so everything's subject to change.

spazz451 Jun 22 '12 5:35am

I am pretty interested. It's been a while since I've looked at Savage World and I've played very little of it long ago so it might take me a little bit to get fully up to speed.

I think that I would lean towards a slightly militaristic character, something akin to Zoe or Jayne.
I'd vote for being Browncoats / Blackjacks.

Pumkin, off the top of my head a potential connection we could have is that I got stranded somewhere and came across you. You well able to fix all manner of things to help get me going again. I could have returned the favor granting you protection and a way out (with the stuff you just fixed) after the Alliance came looking for me or stumbled upon us and was not happy with what you have been up to.

WhiteKnight, if you toss out a character idea I could offer up a potential connection.

WhiteKnight777 Jun 22 '12 5:45am

Well, I keep gravitating towards a character based off of the television/movie character from the eponymous Maverick - A slick, smooth-talking sort who gets by on wits and charm - and when that fails, a quick gun hand or a quicker exit. For Pumpkin, I was considering an elder brother - the prodigal son who left home and came back when he and/or the family was in trouble, which was how we get re-acquainted. For Spazz - Well, having a thug between you and that angry fella I just cheated at cards would always come in handy.

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