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Valiyn Jun 28 '12 6:05am

A Most Desperate Hour
Hello there. I'm Valiyn and I'm pleased to announce a new project to the Mythweaver community -

This game is set during the middle of New Sith Wars (1,466 years Before the Battle of Yavin), a key but largely neglected conflict in Star Wars lore. It's a thousand year war between darkness and light that we're stuck in the center of, and it's the most bloody conflict ever fought between the Sith and the Jedi that's ever been told in all of Star Wars canon. This is the generation that sees the Republic fall into it's Dark Age - a time when many in the future don't consider the Republic to be existing at all. It is a most desperate hour for a galaxy in severe need of any heroes it can find.

To explore this rich setting, we are looking for 5-6 players to play A Most Desperate Hour. Anyone is welcome to apply, regardless of any previous experience with the Star Wars SAGA system or any familiarity with this era you have. All published Star Wars SAGA books are allowed. To make sure the game goes smoothly into the future for the long term, we have 3 talented and dedicated GMs: Valiyn (me), with BlackPhoenix and Drunva acting as co-GMs. The campaign will feature a heroic story, compelling dilemmas, widely spanning consequences of your actions, and to top it off it will be wrapped up in my art and map making skills (such as the image you see above).

Players will begin their journey at level 1 and will work their way up to becoming legends of good or ill in these dark times. The character creation rules can be found in this thread. I invite you all to come by, create a character, and roleplay with your fellow applicants in our pre-game thread here. Applications will go until the 13th of July, 2012. This gives you a little more then TWO WEEKS to get your basic character concept together and start playing with us in the pre-game before we make our final decisions.

Good luck to all who apply,
And may the Force be with you!

Belul Jun 28 '12 6:49am

Oh sounds awesome. Should sleep, but must start application. :)

Fell Jun 28 '12 7:10am

Interested. Will get to work on this tomorrow.

kyz Jun 28 '12 7:23am

Huzzah! Well, I am interested if you'd have me, Val. Dunno with what yet. It may just be time to resurrect my old Trandoshan, Growla.

MonsterMash Jun 28 '12 7:42am

I am very interested in this! I'll be looking into character creation right now.

Ragerider Jun 28 '12 9:10am

I would very interested in this as well. This sounds awesome.

Glyph Jun 28 '12 9:14am

Definitely interested in this! Will brainstorm over a character concept =)

Edit: Okay, decided on a female Iktotchi pilot who never learned how to fly...but has quite a knack for it due to her connection to the Force and her species' inherent skill at piloting.

Dato Jun 28 '12 12:07pm

I'm thinking you don't have enough Scoundrels in your life Val, app in tonight. ;)

Burne Jun 28 '12 2:07pm

Definitely interested, will be working on a healer role of the group. Somebody has to patch up those who get injured in the shop. :)

Valiyn Jun 28 '12 3:03pm

Fantastic ideas. I can't wait to see some of these apps!

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