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Voxanadu Jun 28 '12 8:39pm

Hah! I'm a tarot card.

I went so far as to convert my nick "Vox" as ASCII into Binary, into base 10, then into roman numeral. Yeah, I am a geek.

Morph3us Jul 1 '12 4:00am

That picture kicks all sorts of butt.

Though the angle on his head made me think he was a Wookie at first :p

mercutio361 Jul 1 '12 8:11am

That is pretty freakin sweet

Voxanadu Jul 2 '12 12:22am

Total Wookie. :D

Rikko Jul 2 '12 12:27am

So, what happens when I draw you when reading some ones future? ;)

Voxanadu Jul 2 '12 12:32am

I'm a fluke of nature. An unexpected change that should not have happened. A break in physics. Mwhaha.

BritishAmerican Jul 2 '12 5:29am

Makes me want to draw one of my username...or a more better name xD

Voxanadu Jul 2 '12 4:36pm

Why change your name? Arn't you a contrast in culture?

nayrz Jul 3 '12 10:19pm

You play Berzerk, Vox?
(That's the image of "Cultist")

Voxanadu Jul 4 '12 6:28am

No... I don't, I wasn't aware of that.

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