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Voxanadu Jun 29 '12 1:47am

A humble duel
Rejakor has challenged me to a duel and I have accepted.
Now the two of us are fighting in mortal combat.
It is up to the voters to decides who will win.

Throw in your votes now.

Oh right, after you vote for some one, whoever you vote for - has to punch the other in the face. The two can only injure one another after they've received a vote.

Rejakor Jun 29 '12 1:52am

Vote for me! I'm manly, brawny, and the very spitting image of the modern major-general.

Voxanadu Jun 29 '12 1:57am

::slams his fist into Rejakor, with his right then his left::

Rejakor Jun 29 '12 1:57am

*parries it with cup of tea, stabs with fully extended pinky* RIPOSTE EH WHAT?

Voxanadu Jun 29 '12 1:59am

~dodges the pinky and then breaks it.~ Hey, you can't hit me. No one has voted for you yet.

Shirocco Jun 29 '12 2:00am

*Chanting* Vox! Vox! Vox!

Voxanadu Jun 29 '12 2:01am

Ha! ~punches Rejakor again~ See, this is what happens when I get to choose the weapons!

Rejakor Jun 29 '12 2:08am

Has to is not the same as can't unless!~


Voxanadu Jun 29 '12 2:11am

So be it. The rules have been updated, as requested by Rejakor. ~snickers~

Rejakor Jun 29 '12 2:37am

Changing the rules midfight? You fiend.

FORTUNATELY, NINJAS HAVE NO HONOUR *kicks Voxanadu in the groin*

*puts a boot into his face as he keels over*

Thanks, Dan.

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