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ArasaadiDragonstar Jul 6 '12 12:36am

I want the following in an application.

Predicted Post Rate: 1/day, 5/week, 3/week, etc.
Appearance: 2 or more paragraphs.
Background: 3 or more paragraphs.
Personality: 3 or more paragraphs.
Goals/Motivation: 2 or more paragraphs

Your reason for joining the Seekers.

A picture is not required, but it helps.

Anything else you feel like adding.

samfool Jul 6 '12 2:02am


Nassar No Name
Character Sheet
Race: Human
Class: Barbarian
Appearance: A strongly-built young man with long, wavy brown hair that ends in the middle of his back. He wears a scar on the right side of his stomach, along with many smaller, insignificant scars scattered about his muscular body. His strong jaw and hard eyes make him come across as distant, cold, or even simple in the head. He wears scale mail that has been lightly damaged and covered with a thin layer of dirt. He carrying a greatsword on his shoulder, owning an unruly strap-sheath slung on his back, but preferring to have it on hand as much as possible.


Predicted Post Rate: 1/day minimum. I will edit my sig if I am not posting a certain day.

steampunkadept Jul 6 '12 2:44am


Predicted Post Rate: 1/day minimum, 2+/day more common. Will give reason if I post less
Race: Human
Class: Ranger

Celtic Guardian 7 Jul 6 '12 3:45am

Predicted Post Rate: At the absolute least, once a day. I can usually post as many times as needed per day. If I am to be gone due to unavoidable circumstances, I will give head notice.

Name: Gina Orlanda

Race: Human

Class: Martial Artist

Flaw: Corruption (Bad Luck)

Appearance: In terms of height and weight, Gina is around average for a girl of her age, if not a little less. Being five feet six inches, she is large enough to hold her ground against many opponents, but nowhere near big enough to be considered a giant. Her slim body suggests a weight lower than one hundred thirty-five pounds. However, the muscle mass she has gained from constant physical training makes her weigh more than one might guess. Her skin has no visible scars when wearing her normal outfit, but bruises can sometimes be seen on the parts of her body that are exposed, hinting at a constant life of fighting in hand to hand combat.

For maximum ease of movement, Gina has always enjoyed wearing the same type of martial artist uniform that she grew up with. The white shirt and pants are loose and comfortable. Below them she has a red, sleeveless shirt and gray shorts, but these are hardly ever seen since she rarely takes her uniform off around others. She dislikes shoes and never wears them if she can help it. The black belt she wears shows that she has finished the training necessary to be called a master in technique, though how well this applies in real fights waits to be seen. Her long, black hair is kept tied back with a yellow ribbon in a bow. Her brown eyes have a tendency to show little of her feelings, as if she keeps them locked away.

Background: Gina was born in a small town, Rogard, that was located in the mountains. The people there were close to their neighbors, supporting one another through harsh winters and whenever the times grew difficult. As such, Gina grew up with an expectation to work. And work she did, ever since she could walk, starting with small jobs and graduating to larger ones. As a result, her body got built up well, but she always felt tired and drained. Her parents were very much into helping others. The irony was that they often overlooked their daughter, unless she made mistakes. Many mistakes came from Gina. She would try to stack firewood, only to get a splinter under her fingernail, drop the offending log, and cause the entire pile to fall on her. Or she would drag a sled of food to the village, slip on an icy patch, and send the sled flying into one of the villagers, resulting in angry shouting and ruined meals. She was always scolded for these, even though she tried to explain that they were not her fault, they were just incredible cases of bad luck.

The birth of her younger sister changed her completely. When Gina was twelve years old, her parents had a second daughter, Suzanna Orlanda. Like their first daughter, they were too busy to take much notice of her. It was left to Gina to take care of Suzy, as she liked to call her little sister. Suzy got closer to Gina as a result, seeing her as a stand-in for the mother who was never there, and trusting her big sister more than anyone else. When working with Suzy, Gina was far more careful, making sure she made none of the mistakes or suffered from accidents like she had before.

Once Gina was sixteen and Suzy was four, tragedy struck their village in the form of an avalanche. How it happened, Gina never found out. She had been a short distance away from the village with Suzy when everyone else was buried. They were far enough that the snow only covered them partially, so Gina was able to dig Suzy out. She then began the long, cold trek to find a place of safety.

After three days of traveling, doing her best to keep Suzy warm and avoid collapsing, she came on a monastery. The monastery had many monks and was run by a man named Marco Jangen, or Master Jangen to his several students. When the two girls came to the large door, he was quick to bring them in and to take care of them. Gina told Jangen of their destroyed village, which led him to welcome them both as long as they wished to stay.

Adapting well to the lifestyle in the monastery, Gina began to take lessons from Jangen, learning the martial arts that he had taught so many others. She loved the idea behind them, that they were a method to protect, not hurt. Only when guarding yourself or someone dear to you were you to use the techniques, and she embraced that policy. Between that and helping with chores, she took care of Suzy. Suzy grew up seeing the many people in the monastery as family, though Gina was the person she remained closest to. Gina was also seen in good light, though many people tried to avoid sparring with her. Due to her infamous bad luck, she tended to injure herself and others badly even in practice fights. She was especially well known for one instance where she kicked someone on the elbow, nearly breaking her own foot and falling onto the only patch of sharp stone in the entire area.

A short while ago (this depends on how long it takes to become eligible for the Seeker exam), Suzy suddenly vanished. Gina instantly went looking for her, worried to death about her sister. Her search came up empty-handed for a full day. The next morning, she found a note that had been left for her. It said her sister had been taken, and that if Gina wanted her back, she would have to recover the artifact her village had been guarding. This meant nothing to Gina; she had never heard of such a thing. When she asked Jangen about it, he said he had heard legends about it, and that perhaps the avalanche had not been a natural occurrence as always thought. He went with Gina, and they found a location where the artifact had once been. It was no longer there.

Gina, out of ideas and desperate, left a note in the same place hers had been received, begging for her sister back, having no idea how to track down the artifact. She got a response that the artifact her village had been guarding was rumored to have a twin, and that if she found that twin, it would be just as good for having Suzy returned. Where it was located, they did not know. Seeing no other choice, Gina told Jangen that she was going to search for the artifact, or another method to find her sister, and set off. Once off the mountain, she heard of an organization called the Seekers, who specifically searched for artifacts like the one she had been asked for. With this as one of her only leads, Gina decided to try joining them.

Personality: One of Gina's most noticeable traits is her sense of responsibility. This mostly comes from her role as being a big sister, or almost a mother, to Suzy. But it does not just extend to her little sister. She also takes a lot of tasks upon herself for people she cares about, or ones she thinks need help. It is this that often motivates her to ask if something is wrong for those who seem to be in trouble. Generally, seeing others happy is what makes her happy, especially in the case of Suzy.

However, she has trouble with accepting help from other people, to the point that she gets jealous of them when they step in to assist her. In addition, she has a hard time with criticism. Though it should be used to improve herself, which she knows, she tends to respond by instinct with defenses for herself and why her way works. Sometimes she has small outbursts when she feels pressured in this regard. While she usually will sober up and apologize later, along with taking the lesson to heart, it is an admission that is difficult for her. This is especially true when it comes to her streak of bad luck. Most of the time, it really does feel to her as though it is not her fault that she messed up, and she tries to explain that in an almost desperate fashion.

By default, Gina tries to not show many of her emotions. She has tried to be a strong role model for Suzy and does not want her little sister to see cracks in her powerful image. As a result, even though she loves her sister more than anything, Gina has a hard time showing it. Crying is avoided at all costs and is one of the most embarrassing things that could happen for her, as it would symbolize an utter loss of control. One reason she flees from criticism is she is afraid her control over her emotions will be lost from frustration and anger at herself, and she does not want anyone to see her that way.

Goals/Motivation: First and foremost is her desire to find her sister. Gina sees it as her duty to take care of Suzy, and loves her more than anything else. She wants to help other people on the way, but is most concerned for Suzy. Sometimes it leads her to question using her time to assist with matters she is not involved in. The thought of leaving innocents in dire straights is too much of a call for her to ignore, in spite of that.

While this is not nearly as important to her as Suzy, Gina also desires to become stronger and wiser in the way of martial arts. She has great admiration for masters of it, seeing them as the closest things someone could get to a perfect guardian. The thought of being such a perfect guardian for Suzy appeals to her. She also thinks that it makes her a better person. If she could capture the calmness that so many skilled martial artists have, she would not be affected by criticism and harsh words. The amount of experience from training she has now is more than many could claim, but it seems like only the beginning to Gina.

Reason for Joining Seekers: There are two specific purposes Gina had in mind when joining. One is that since she was demanded to give a certain artifact in return for Suzy, she hopes to find it with a group that specializes in such matters. She has no illusions that she would be allowed to keep it if she found it, and has been mentally preparing herself for the possibility of what she might have to do to keep the artifact if needed. Even if it required breaking the law or being considered a traitor by the organization, it would be worth it for her sister's safety.

The other is a distant hope that perhaps one of the magic items found can locate Suzy. If she knew where her sister was being held, Gina could launch a rescue attempt of her own, not worrying about having to find the artifact demanded from her. Whether such an item exists is beyond her knowledge. Magic is capable of almost anything from the myths she has heard. If there is any truth to that, maybe there is some hope to that method. Gina is desperate enough to hope for such a thing despite her rationality.

Xeiro Jul 6 '12 3:59am

Sindre Holmström

Race: Human

--Meta-game stuff--

Positng Rate: 1+ Per Day.

AiRaven Jul 6 '12 3:59am

Predicted Post Rate:

griever Jul 6 '12 5:27am

Predicted Post Rate: 1+/day

Podonis Jul 6 '12 6:23am


Predicted Post Rate: At least 3/week, possibly 1/day depending on schedule.
Name: Jim Hawkins
Race: Human
Class: Swashbuckler
Age: 20
Character Sheet:

Appearance: I stand a rough five foot four inches. I have brown hair and blue eyes. I'm well built for my age, but not overly so. I have never had problems with women and therefore I assume I am fairly good looking, or lucky. My brown hair is about shoulder length, but I keep it pulled back out of the way. I have a naturally light skin tone, but it has been tanned to a nice golden brown from my time spent on vessels.

I tend to wear loose fitting clothes that allow the maximum movability without hindering my reaction time. I don't like to wear hats, but if I ever gain the fleet I hope to some day I will definitely wear a Tricorne. My usual attire is a loose fitting earth colored shirt with my father's over-sized blue sea coat and a pair of loose fitting earth colored britches. Upon my feet I sport heavy black boots that are well worn.

Background: I was born into a family of commoners. My father was a deck hand on a prestigious ship and my mother stayed home and ran an inn. My father's salary helped keep the inn afloat and the inn helped everyone in the near by town conduct their business. It was one of the few places to get a decent meal in or around the town. When I was born the inn was shut down for a number of days and when it reopened people poured in congratulating my mother and father. Soon after I was the prize of the inn. All the customers wanted to hold me and coddle me. As I grew I began helping my mother in the inn and the customers were all very nice to me.

Then one morning I awoke to my mother and father arguing. As I ran down stairs to see what was going on I watched as my father pushed my mother down and stormed out the door. Unsure of what was going on I ran down and helped my mother to her feet. Then I went after my father, thinking that I could talk him into coming back. I was six at the time and I had to watch as he ran to the docks we used for our small boat and threw his belongings in the boat. He then paddled out to sea and met up with a ship I'd never seen before. It was flying an odd flag that I hadn't seen on any of the ships at port, which puzzled me, until I got a better look and realized it was a pirate flag. My father left us, his family, to join a gang of pirates.

That was when I started acting out. And I continued to act out for the next ten years. It turned out that I had a great ability for sailing and crafting. I built my own row boat at age ten and was constantly on the ocean, despite my mother's stern protests. Any chance I got I would be out on the ocean, not really fishing or anything, just drifting about enjoying the peace. As I grew older my trips became more adventurous, until one such trip drew the town constables attention. I had drifted into the port and my row boat was languidly lapping against the brand new commissioned ship that the port royal had pulled in on early that morning. Soon I found myself in trouble for scratching the paint of an official vessel. After the police escorted me home I was grounded from the ocean and forced to work at the inn constantly.

A couple years went by and I continued to run off and do my own thing. But eventually it seemed less like an adventure and more like running from my problems. So one day I sat down with my mother and asked her to talk to me about the day my father left. We discussed what their argument had been about, which was about him joining the pirates, and why he had done what he had. After the long talk I felt much better and decided that it was high time I struck out on my own for a bit. My mother was pensive about letting me leave, but she knew I'd find a way no matter what. So she packed me a few rations and sent me out to find my way. That way happened to be to a town board where I found a poster and description of The Seekers.

Personality: To be honest, I'm in a transitional phase. As a young child I was optimistic about everything. My father used to tell me stories of pirates and loot and adventure. This sort of thing called to me as a child and I wanted nothing more than to have adventures of the nature he spoke of, but that has yet to come about. But as a child, I would think up wondrous stories of my adventures and tell my parents of them around the hearth. I even whittled toy boats and crew to play with, once my father taught me how.

Then when my father left I became...troubled, as some would say...I was in trouble a lot, even with the law a few times. I went looking for adventure at every turn and often bit off more than I could chew. I felt as if my father had driven my hopes into the sky and then dashed them with but a moment's thought. When I went out to find adventure I would tell myself I was invincible and brave, able to handle myself in any situation. I even occasionally made up aliases for myself so that the law never knew who I truly was, for a while. My mother was very upset with me.

Eventually, I realized that this sort of thing would only lead me to a jail cell or hanging platform and not adventure that I sought. So I decided that I would turn a new corner and try to be a productive member of society. I got a job as a butcher in the town, which I hated, and tried to stay out of trouble. But even then I yearned for adventure. While working I would imagine myself out in the world making a name for myself and my family. Which leads me to my current personality. I am creative, spontaneous, and brash. I love the thrill of the moment and the unexpected. Menial tasks and set limits make me feel constricted. I have a natural competitive drive and I can talk my way into or out of almost any situation. But I am not unsportsmanlike in my competitiveness, as I greatly respect those that are better than me. I cannot stand overt weakness and will shy away from those that show it. Myself, I would not show it lightly and never in public. I am also somewhat of a show off and like to be at center stage, but I try not to let this stand in the way of what I am doing.

Goals/Motivation: My goals are fairly simple in nature. I want three things. First I want to become famous and/or extravagantly rich. There is a specific reason for this goal. I would like to own a fleet of ships at least ten vessels large. I'm not sure yet what the purpose of this fleet would be, but at the moment I'm leaning towards exploration of the most dangerous parts of the seas/world.

Secondly, I wish to be able to provide enough wealth that my mother and brother have a decent living for the rest of their lives. The motivation for this is that my mother has always slaved away at running the family inn and when my father left it became very difficult for her. So my thought is, if I can make enough money to send some back to her, she can hire a professional staff to run the inn and she can focus on the book work/management of the inn. The money I send home will also go to sending my little brother to school or training into whatever he decides will help him in the long run.

Thirdly, I wish to find the love of my life. I know this sounds romantic and mushy, but it is true. I would like to find a woman who enjoys sailing as much as I do and who is not afraid of a little adventure. I've had a few romantic liaisons already, but none have lasted and some turned out to be rather...unwanted. The motivation for this is to eventually settle down and have a family of my own. I am determined to be a better father than my own and will prove that I am capable of doing so.

Reason for joining the Seekers: To find wealth beyond my imagining. I believe the Seekers will help me do this or provide the stepping stones I need to find a way to do this. Wealth will fund everything I wish my life to become.

HAHA! Don't put a dice roll in front of other dice rolls...I'm kinda silly that way sometimes...
Dice Roll: 1d50z
d50 Results: 47
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1
Original Dice: 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1 4d6^3r1
Flaw (47) = Thinks Aloud

Reason for Thinks Aloud: When I was younger my father constantly encouraged me to tell him how I felt about thinks and what impressions I got from certain situations. He said this would strengthen my mental compacity, my ability to reason, and my confidence. From five to eight I did this all the time and came to rely on it to figure things out, but then my father left. For awhile I stopped, but I quickly found that I became uncomfortable with the constant silence. I also realized I had oohing of my father's to remind my of him. So I began rationalizing out loud again. Since then I have simply come to rely on it and revere it as a way to connect with the memories of my father.

mew77 Jul 6 '12 4:08pm

Predicted Post Rate: 1/day
Race: Human
Class: Martial Artist

Blick Jul 7 '12 6:07am

Predicted Post Rate: 1+/day

Name: Gunghir Keenblade
Race: Dwarf
Class: Samurai

Anything else you feel like adding:
I kind of went back and forth on this concept as I could see him wielding a dwarven waraxe in one hand and a pick in the other, following more along the lines of dwarven tradition. Then I saw the picture and decided to go full tilt samurai lol.

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