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Blakkmonk Jul 15 '12 9:22pm

Recruiting more Spartans for a Halo game
I am doing some additional recruiting for this game. It is on going, but I lost some players. Give me a good app and I will fit you in.

Blakkmonk Jul 15 '12 9:23pm

if you have any questions please ask

Daxonwraithsong Jul 16 '12 8:50am

Adding my two cents. This game is pretty freaking awesome, and I was shocked that so many people dropped. Blakkmonk has done a stellar job in making this game feel very real and part of the Halo universe. Hell, I didn't even care for the universe before I applied, and look at me now...playin' Halo: Reach.

Srsly, this game is worth your time.

Drunva Jul 16 '12 1:14pm

Which spots dropped?

Blakkmonk Jul 16 '12 8:53pm

mostly spartan and I want to say one of my AI's

Drunva Jul 16 '12 9:44pm

You want to do what with the AI's?

Blakkmonk Jul 16 '12 11:14pm

i meant one of my AI's and I corrected that sentence, lol. yeah, that looked bad.

Drunva Jul 16 '12 11:24pm

I'm actually kind of torn between which to go with, which is more necessary?

Blakkmonk Jul 16 '12 11:52pm

spartans, i have a lack of them right now.

Drunva Jul 17 '12 12:01am

Alrighty then!!

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