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Valiyn Jul 15 '12 11:06pm

Chapter 1: The So-Called Friends of Marko
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A Most Desperate Hour
Chapter I: The So-Called Friends of Marko

Black. Everything was black. A very blurry black infact......with ringing noises. As you start to come to you realize you have your share of aches and pains, depending on how hard and where you fell when you where knocked out cold.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooo!" Yells a furious Marko, his deep, piercing voice of unbridled rage is the only thing you can hear above the ringing. "Arrrrrrrhhhhhhhh!!!! They've taken everything! Sleemos!". A loud crash can be heard echoing from the hanger, no doubt something being thrown around violently.

As you come to - wherever you are in the station - you faintly make out in the dim emergency lighting the knocked out bodies of people and disabled droids around you. Apparently you are among the first to recover and reawaken. The emergency lights flicker, casting long shadows over everything. It might be dark, but things actually don't look that bad. A few trails of electrical jolts spilling out from sockets and wires
(DC10 Knowledge: Tech)
indicate most of the station's systems have just been overloaded. The station's emergency system casually announces over the speaker:
"Life support failure, check Oxygen Levels at once."
Huttese:Lifesupport failure, check Oxygen Levels at once.
Di chima, Onni Kas da nat belluma

You have a few moments to gather your thoughts before the speaker repeats itself.

"Life support failure, check Oxygen le---""--Shuddup!" Marko screams to interrupt the mechanical voice. "That's the last thing my customers need to hear!" A moment of silence passes, with the speaker no longer delivering horrible news of impending doom, before Marko's voice replaces it in his typical rugged demeanor.

"Anyone who's up and about, get your rears to the security hanger. Now. I have a bloody important job that needs doing."

Dr Foo Jul 15 '12 11:24pm

So much for off duty. Ossek's head pounds in a way it hasn't for a long time. Thinking is difficult as she staggers to her feet. She takes two moments to gather her senses before looking around the bar, "Anyone here awake?" she calls out, guessing it was too much to hope that some other members of security were up and awake. Her hand darts to the hilt of her vibrosword still in its scabbard over her right shoulder. At least she still had that.

The thought suddenly hit her that she'd been talking to a droid, she wasn't a mechanic but maybe it hadn't been knocked out like the rest of them. She staggers over to where Snipe's lying and prods him with her foot, still not quite having recovered her balance. "Snipe? You awake? Working? Whatever it is you'd call it?"

Fell Jul 16 '12 12:28am



He could feel the hear enveloping his body. Screams in the distant, like thunder rolling over hills and coming down from the mountains.


Something told him to run, to fight, to do something. But all he could do was stand and watch as the galaxy was consumed in flames.


Katur's eyes shot open, head resting on the bartable and tail gently waving back and forth, swaying in time like the tick and tock of the pendulum on a clock.

Sucking in air, it took him a moment to regain his composure. "The bar ... robbery." The words drifted through his mind, rattling around a moment before their full impact dawned on him. They had been knocked out by robbers, thugs and scoundrels well equipped and trained.

Pushing himself off the bar, his legs almost gave out, quivering slightly before he got his full weight under him. Snarling in frustration, the Trianii pushed off from the bar, determined to stand under his own power, and observe what was left.

The bar itself seemed fine, it but for the unconscious bodies of it's patrons splayed out across the floor and tables. Katjur wasn't a technical expert, so he couldn't be sure that the thieves hadn't tampered with something. Yet, for the moment, the station itself seemed intact.

"Anyone who's up and about, get your rears to the security hanger. Now. I have a bloody important job that needs doing."

"Well then ...." Kat's deep voice rumbled to life. Even though he wasn't trying to be loud, it carried throughout the bar, as his big form finally came to it's full height, his legs now fully underneath him.

His fist instinct were to check to see if anyone was injured and needed medical attention, but he knew so little about first aid and the medical practice, he halted himself before he caused more trouble then aid he provided.

"Ossek." He called out, noticing the Trandoshan was awake. "Do we make for the hangar, or wait for others to come around?"

Valeiru Jul 16 '12 12:47am

Unable to find any characters in game 12490 Sinpe's Sensors flicker on and off for a few seconds before they glow full shine. He stands swiftly not being cursed with stiff muscles or joints like those with flesh after being knocked cold. He scans the room slowly while his arm spins to it's taser setting and his pistol flips out to rest on his shoulder, It seems his security programs are active, and then he seems to snap out of it realizing he is being talked to.

He turns to face Ossek his pistol still on his shoulder "I am operational, though I may need a Full diagnostic sometime in the future. Thank you for your concern. Is Row-An doing alright? How about AR-KY? I would be more than upset if something happened to any of my new friends.." Snipe's multifunction apparatus starts to malfunction slightly and change setting seemingly of it's own volition.

Snipe's pistol turns to point behind him at the sound of Katjurr stirring. Snipe turns around to face the sound and sighs in releif that it is only Katjurr. the Pistol flips down back into the recess in his shoulder and Snipe begins to tweak the settings of his arm internally until the spinning stops. "Thats better.. Now, Are we the only ones awake?"

Dr Foo Jul 16 '12 1:16am

Ossek turns to Katjur as she sees Snipe waking up. "We should head to the hangar, no telling how urgent the situation is from here and anyone else should be able to catch us up."

Looking back to Snipe as he assesses his surroundings and prepares for combat Ossek murmurs "So far." Turning to scan those around her she notices both Rowan and Arkaidy out cold on the floor, the two of them showed no signs of stirring. Ossek gives them both a nudge, but neither seemed willing to wake. She looks back to Snipe, shaking her head and says "They're breathing, for now at least. We can get them medical attention once we know what's going on."

Ossek heads towards the door before pausing briefly, then heading back towards the bar. "One second, if this is a security situation we'll need all the gun hands we can get. I'll see if the Mandalorian is awake, we can use his help if he is." With that Ossek wanders around behind the bar and picks her way through the unconscious bodies to Oln. She leans down and tries to shake him awake.

Frost Jul 16 '12 2:05am

He had just left the docking bay area and was about to enter the lift tube to the Grease Trap when the explosion went off. His ears rung and his head hurt as he picked himself up off the floor.

Life support failure. Check Oxygen leve..

The automated message stopped repeating mid sentence. Cyrian staggered to his feet using the wall as support. He shook off the initial shock and then adrenaline started to kick in.

"Anyone who's up and about, get your rears to the security hanger. Now. I have a bloody important job that needs doing."


This didn't sound good he better get back to the security hanger. He took off at a steady trot back towards the hanger bays. He wasn't sure what he could do to help but he had to try.

serenflipity Jul 16 '12 3:06am

The Grease Pit Trap Duare came to, finding herself a bit more intimately acquainted with the bar, and a lot more worse for wear because of it. Groggily, she lifted herself from her spreadeagled state, her mind taking in the scene she opens her eyes to. Immediately, her mind snaps back to reality.

Seeing both sparking circuitry throughout her vicinity and unconscious people set off alarm bells in her head. An accident may cause one or the other; the chances of both happening would make even a Corellian cautious.

She starts to take in the emergency broadcast just as it abruptly ends, replaced by Marko's 'request', as she sees some of her colleagues and the patrons stir. Her first instinct is to check among the people, to make sure they were at least stable, but the fact that the broadcast had just cut off, rather than an updated message replacing it, sat uneasy with the young woman.

"Smallest actions, most good. Marko will have to wait." She looked around the people, a touch of regret appeared for a second on her face "They will have to wait too."

She headed towards the nearest maintenance terminal, checking to make sure at least the basic functions of the station were all operational. As she passed those who were rousing in the cantina, she gives them an acknowledging nod.

voin Jul 16 '12 3:15am

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel
Destiny's Rest: Docking Bay Three pushed himself up, propping one hand on the decking. His head was throbbing and his vision was blurred. He had been hit by a stunner from close range before he’d even realized what was going on.

It took him a few moments to gather himself. They had been in Docking Bay Three, going over the damage to both the bay and to the ship Zeth had brought in. And then all hell had broken loose.

He recalled in snatches of images. His head was pounding too much to try to recall the exact details now. His father’s voice yelling over the station’s comm system was not helping much, either.

Luka looked around. Ms. Aragone and Lieutenant Ganner lay in a tangle of limbs over by the shuttle in some strange parody of a lovers’ embrace. Other crewmembers were yet unconscious, while still others were stirring. Some were up and already on their feet.

He checked everyone in the bay as quickly as he could, and put the deck supervisor’s assistant in charge of triage and assessing the damage. The deck supervisor himself was gone.

Kidnapping or infiltration? Luka couldn’t even guess as to which, though if it were kidnapping, he didn’t know why he himself hadn’t been taken.

Finally he turned back to where Ms. Aragone and the Republic lieutenant lay on the deck near the freighter Zeth had piloted in the earlier hot docking.

“Mara? Ms. Aragone? Lieutenant Ganner?”

Luka moved to crouch next to both of them.

“Can you get up? We need to get to the security hangar.”
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Belul Jul 16 '12 6:10am

Oln Vizsla - Mando'ade/Miralukan Male Scoundrel
~ Destiny's rest - The Grease Trap~ slowly comes to to under the Trandoshans shaking. Since he has no eyes to flick open its hard to tell when exactly he comes too... well aside from him shouting, "POODOO!" at the top of his lungs as he crosses the threshold. The shout is loud enough that anyone else waking up will be much closer now. Oln wakes up to what is now familiar angle as he is on the floor leaning against the shelves again. He quickly looks around as only he can and see's the state of the bar.

Oln reaches inside for a split second, and finds nothing. Good no kicked in the heart feeling just a tickle. They were okay. Not dead, or in great pain. They should be home. No reason to set stun bombs there. To others the force was something sacred to Oln it was a extremely practical tool. He reaches his mind out to his wife. "Blue." is all he tells her. To Oln colors meant nothing, so he and his wife used them as code words. Blue meant the listener stays and protects Contesa while the speaker went on the attack. Oln only hopes he had enough focus to get the message through. Because of the ringing in his head left by the booze and a stun bomb he's not sure.

Still he trusted his wife's judgment if it didn't. With that done he finally acknowledges Ossek, "Hello, sunshine. I speak figuratively of course never actually having seen one. Mind giving me the morning news while I get dressed?" Oln gets to his feet and reaches under the counter to where he kept his bucket. No true armor, but he has the clear visor painted black on slightly less black with the Mandalorian sign. It hides his identity, shows he is Mando'ade, and people who are laughing are always easier to shoot.

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Dr Foo Jul 16 '12 7:53am

"News? The Force only knows. We're heading to the security hangar, we have work to do." Ossek looks on as Oln puts his helmet on, watching Caliana bustle off without a word. That one would have to catch up later, they had a workable security team now.

With that Ossek lead the others out of the cantina and towards the security hangar, "Let'sss go."

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