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ElectricFred Jul 18 '12 7:18am

ElectricFred Here! Just started a new 3.5e Homebrew campaign with some buds from college and was looking for an online resource/community.


Keep It Metal

EDIT: so ive DM'd before. But the games were never meant to last more than a couple sessions so while i did follow the DM guide i basically made most of my rules and stuff up on the fly as we went.

I just had the most fun ever in DnD by making the Hamlet of Falwic, Populating it with people, Creating backstories for those people, Creating conflicts for those people, And creating a true home for these people.

And its gonna get raided by goblins

DVUS Jul 18 '12 9:42pm

Welcome! I'm sure you'll find plenty of resources here to help make your games rock.

DaReaper95 Jul 22 '12 12:01am

:D that sounds awesome. Goblin raids are epic. If you ever feel like doing a similar thing, maybe think about giving your PC's NPC classes to work with, and see how they manage.

Voxanadu Jul 25 '12 6:51pm

Hey, welcome to the weave.

Iron Bothers me. Being a fey and all.

DaReaper95 Jul 29 '12 11:06pm

hrm.. how bout silver? or gold?

Voxanadu Aug 2 '12 4:45am

Silver and gold are lovly.

DaReaper95 Aug 2 '12 5:53pm

*covers you in silver in gold painted iron coins*

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