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lasseram Jul 30 '12 9:57am

Needing that one special skillmonkey AND AN ARCANIST!
The group lacks an arcanist as well and could probably need one.
Since the same PHB restrictions are in effect that means a wizard/sorcerer/bard.
PHB races only. No sub-races.
Apply in the same thread as linked to below in this post.
If you want, you can submit both a rogue and an arcanist.

I recently took over an abandoned game using the module "Barrow of the Forgotten King".
But before that the group lost one player which I now hope to replace.

The orphaned character is a halfling rogue and though it would be preferable someone just took control of him again, I am open to different characters being submitted. Although still a skillful one.

The group consists of a
paladin, a
monk and a

In the original ad, players were restricted to PHB material and since I want you all to be on the same terms, I will hold you to this in your character creation. Gear can be purchased from the DMG as well.
From next level on, all will be able to draw material from a much wider collection of books.

Stats: 6m4d6v1 to be rolled HERE.
If your total bonuses sum up to +4 or less, you may have a re-roll.
Gold: 900 gp starting wealth, Full HP + CON mod for both levels (Roll or half whichever is better after that).
I want to see sheets, but you can hold off buying equipment and distributing skillpoints until you are accepted.

I want rolls as well as the applications submitted in the game forum. Only one post per applicant.
Questions go here.

Kerim Jul 30 '12 10:23am

I would be interested in playing your skillmonkey.

I will play a halfling rogue, but preferably not that one. Or would you really rather have me play that guy?

lasseram Jul 30 '12 10:39am

@kerim: Well, since the game has started, it would ease incorporating a new player, so yes, I'd prefer someone took over the character. That said, I'll allow tweaking of the character. If you keep name, race and class, all else can be subject to change.

Kerim Jul 30 '12 1:24pm

Well, I already created a new character, plus a way to get him into the game. If you don't like him, of course I'll play the other guy.

Matt Helm Jul 30 '12 2:51pm

I'll throw my name into the hat, I'd be willing to take over the character As Is. Halfling Rogues are one of my favorite things to play.

Edit: I just did a read through of the adventure so far and I have gotten a pretty good feel for the character.

steampunkadept Jul 30 '12 5:02pm

I may have to rescind, on the premise of my rolls not really supporting a skill-monkey style of character Yeah, my total bonus is +5, but it's how it's a +5 that makes it not su skill-monkey-ish

lasseram Jul 30 '12 8:39pm


@ALL: I have mistyped the acceptance date. It is supposed to say AUGUST 4th, rather than September. Only the mods can change it in the ad, so I hope you all get this.

Gavinfoxx Jul 30 '12 10:33pm

Can I play that rogue, but redo his abiilty scores in a 28, 30, or 32 point buy, and change his class to psychic rogue or factotum, and hopefully start with a bit more kit, being a level 2 character, and maybe change the subspecies of halfling to a different one?

Kerim Jul 30 '12 10:41pm

It is PHB only, and you are meant to roll. And 900 gp is basic kit for a second level character.

Gavinfoxx Jul 30 '12 10:42pm

Right, and the character I would be taking over (ie, rediong the basics of that POSTED character) would have to have, ideally, 900 gp of kit, rather than what he has currently.

IE, take over and edit this character sheet:

Keeping a few more things like it is, the same basic 'character', but rebooted slightly.

To keep as much consistency and such as possible, I mean.

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