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prof cephalopod Jul 31 '12 4:44am

Post your top ten villains!?!?
As I said top 10 villains from any media, no justification just the name and what they're from in no particular order.

Debates and justifications are cool, but after the lists not within the same post.

Here's mine, given this type of thing is mercurial but this is a pretty strong list.

1.) Apocalypse - The X men comic books

2.) Magua- The Last of the Mohicans

3.) Bill the Butcher- Gangs of New York

4.)Al Swearengen- Deadwood

5.)Baba Yaga- Hellboy comics

6.)Maleficent- Disney's Sleeping Beauty

7.)Dark Sied- DC cosmic comics

8.)The Chandrian- The Kingkiller Chronicle " Name of the Wlnd"

9.)Fenris the feared- The First Law Trilogy

10.) Stringer Bell- The Wire

TanaNari Jul 31 '12 6:29am

1 Xanatos. (Gargoyles)

2 Kefka. (Final Fantasy 6)

3 Magneto. (X-men comics)

4 Mir. (Ar Tonelico)

5 6 and 7: Megabyte. Daemon. Hexidecimal. (ReBoot- yes, it had three of the best villains ever written- you should totally go watch it)

8 Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs)

9 Doctor Jekyll (Not Hyde, Jekyll... if you don't get why, you haven't read the original)

10 Karellen. (Childhood's End)

prof cephalopod Jul 31 '12 6:43am

Ooooh pulling out the big guns gargoyles and reboot on the same list.

I love reboot it was light years ahead of it's time. And gargoyles who doesn't love gargoyles?

Xanatos is great, as is Megabyte, but Daemon and Hexadecimal, personally not so much for me.

And nice nod to childhood's end sir.

TanaNari Jul 31 '12 6:53am

Hey, I was told "top 10". That means the biggest guns.

Hex was an amazingly complex character. Bat---- ----ing insane. But with some serious depth. Especially when they go into backstories and explore the "birth" of the siblings.

And Daemon? Easily the most badass villain in the history of villains. She was clever. She was ruthless. She was a True Believer. The french accent was annoying... but meh... one flaw out of how many traits? I can forgive that.

Of the three, Megabyte was actually the *least* interesting of the bunch. Another megalomaniac cheerfully committing evil for little more than self-aggrandizement. If he wasn't so damn GOOD at it, he wouldn't have made my list.

And Childhood's End was
my research, admittedly, has gaps... but none beforehand really seemed to pull that though process and make a story of it
possibly the first of "manipulative supposedly benevolent aliens with their own agendas helping earth into the star fairing age". And of all the ones I've found in the genre, the best.

prof cephalopod Jul 31 '12 7:11am

With megabyte it's the childhood attachment factor, and with daemon it's because I barely remember her and need to rewatch the show.

I while aware of the classics have never read most of them. I've listened to essays and opinions and a few short stories but cracking the cover, not so much.

The exellent podcast starship sofa reintroduced me to the classics. But there's just so much to read and I already need to read all this contemporary fiction gaaaaaaah.

Nerd problems.

Anvil Of War Jul 31 '12 7:24am


1- The Joker (The Dark Knight)

2- Abaddon the Despoiler (Warhammer 40k)

3- Bane (the dark knight rises)

4- Loki (Thor)

5- Magneto (X 1,2,3 & first class)

6- Fire-Lord Azula

7- Harvey "Two-Face" Dent (The dark Knight)

8- Freesa (Dragon Ball Z)

9- Cell (Dragon Ball Z)

10- Buu (Dragon Ball Z)

There are my top to. I probably missed some but hey, These guys are great. I put Abaddon due to the fact that he kicks so much but when I play against him.

TanaNari Jul 31 '12 7:26am

Yes. Nerd problems. I suspect many here can sympathize. Fortunately, I can put a 300 page book away in 3 or so hours of heavy reading. So yeah. I've read most every nerdbook I've heard of and gave a crap about.

It makes me sad, though. I'm running out of legitimate classics to hit up. I've cut through Verne. Rodenberry. Heinlein. Bradbury. Clarke (who still stands as my favorite- I love legitimate, hard science based, fiction novels where the writer actually does some research and perhaps knows a tiny bit of actual SCIENCE for a change). A few of the more modern ones such as Card and Cook... the latter is also very good for hard scifi... for some reason I enjoy McCaffrey, despite there being absolutely nothing "hard" about her brand of scifi.

EDIT: Oooh. Azula. I feel kinda bad for not thinking of her. *goes back over my list*... buuut... sadly... there's no one that she could replace on my list.

prof cephalopod Jul 31 '12 7:50am

Indeed good call on Azula, and Abbadon aye? Chaos rocks good sir.

I hate to be a hater but movie Bane on a top 10 list is a bit premature. Where as Tom Hardy's performance was great ( even with the crazy sauce Sean Connery impersonation) the. Haracyerizatoon was lacking to me. But again I may be a hater.

And TanaNari you sir are a mad man. That's super human read times man. Have you read any Harlan Ellison? He's consistently been one of my favorites. I've always enjoyed sci fi, but been more of a fantasy guy myself. So hard sci fi is often beyond me.

steampunkadept Jul 31 '12 7:52am

1: Jagaang the Just - Sword of Truth

2: The Joker - The Dark Knight

3: Kefka - Final Fantasy 6

4: Tehren Loghain - Dragon Age: Origins

5: Laharl - Disgaea (and while he's the main character, he is indeed a villain)

6: Ghaleon - Lunar: The Silver Star

7: Voldemort - Harry Potter

8: Dr. Hannibal Lecter - Silence or the Lambs

9: Orochimaru - Naruto (the bastard just won't stay dead)

10: Hal 9000 - 2001: A Space Odyssey

Andraia Jul 31 '12 12:26pm

I couldn't do a "top ten", so I did three top fives; top five favourite, top five hated, and top five scariest.

Top Five Scariest Villains

05. Glowy-Green-Bat-Things, Anastasia (Nightmares for years. Not so scary anymore, but still.)
04. The Wych-Kin, The Haunting of Alaizabel Cray (You wont understand unless you've read the books.)
03. The Borg, Star Trek (They're only scary in packs, but then again, they're always in packs.)
02. Skynet, Terminator Series (Sarah Conner Chronicles was the only part of the series I really liked, but still... eep!)
01. The Silence, Doctor Who (Scare the crap out of me.)

The Angels, from Doctor Who, would have made this list too, if they hadn't brought them back for season five. Blink had me on edge for days, but Time of the Angels / Flesh and Stone was disappointing by comparison.

Top Five Most Hated Villains (In a Good Way)

05. Red John, The Mentalist (Most villains of this type just annoy me.)
04. King Macaan, Broken Sky (Actually, I'm not sure this is really a good hate. It might just be the normal kind.)
03. Drosselmeyer, Princess Tutu (Urrrghuuugheghhghgh.)
02. The Sheriff of Nottingham, BBC Robin Hood ("A clue; no.")
01. Mr Lyle, The Pretender (This man makes me want to smack him. Or cut off his other thumb.)
00. Mr Rains, The Pretender (Creepy mother f-)

Top Five Favourite Villains

05. Xanatos, Gargoyles (Because duh.)
04. Rothbart, The Swan Princess (Nostalgia will out.)
03. Jubal Early, Firefly (I'm not sure why, exactly. It has to be one of my favourite episodes of the entire series though.)
02. Sterling, Leverage (He used to be on my Top Five Hated-and-Not-in-a-Good-Way list, but I came around to him.)
01. Megabyte, ReBoot (Cool, clever, and cruel. With Wolverine claws. Perfect villain.)

Honourable Mentions: Ari/Ares from Valentine (Because he made me laugh. Constantly.), Lional Luther from Smallville (Although only the parts where he was a good guy, so I'm not sure he really belonged on this list anyway.), and Cassandra from Doctor Who (This woman. Oh man. This woman. New Earth is an amazing episode.).

Hexadecimal would have made this list, in spot number one, but I never really considered her a villain, so I figured that wouldn't be fair ;D .

I have to say that I was very happy to see all of the talk about ReBoot villains ;3 . (But then again, I would wouldn't I? Have another look at my username. It usually has a couple extra capitals in it. Lol.)

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