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Renshaw Aug 1 '12 8:32pm

Hello all! Any Indie Gamers? OSR?
So lesse here... I've played/run PbP before and I'm hoping this site has some "indie" gamers.

Apocalypse World (and hacks!) being are current favorite. I'd love to run The Regiment, Streets of Marienburg, or a World of Dungeons game!

Burning Wheel is my favorite FtF game, but I'm unsure if it would work in PbP.

I'm also OSR: Mainly B/X, BECMI (or clones thereof), and Small But Vicious Dog: I likes-me some Warhammer setting.

I think I found this site from a Lady Blackbird game that was linked to a while ago and I'm just now posting here.

Powderhorn Aug 1 '12 8:34pm

Hrmmm... what exactly is "The Regiment"? It could have my interest.

Renshaw Aug 2 '12 1:08am

It's an Apocalypse World hack. Here is the forum -- Ha! Can't post URLs yet -- I'm such a newb.

The playtest document probably wouldn't make much sense if you haven't played AW anyway.

Librarium Aug 2 '12 2:39am

Welcome! I love me some indie rpgs, being a collector and enthusiast of them. I've never played BW but I have read the Burning Empires comics. Even used some creatures from them in games. I really enjoy both Warhammer settings but not the current official rules.

Voxanadu Aug 2 '12 4:35am

Hey, welcome to Mythweavers.

DaReaper95 Aug 2 '12 5:35pm

Welcome to El Weavo.

Renshaw Aug 2 '12 6:25pm

Thanks for the welcome all.


Originally Posted by Librarium (Post 5914121)
I really enjoy both Warhammer settings but not the current official rules.


xenophone Aug 14 '12 8:56pm

I'd love to get in some Apocalypse World (or hacks) games. It doesn't look like any are running at the moment...

Renshaw Aug 14 '12 10:20pm

Excellent! I'm working up a pitch for a sort of horror-esque game: I'm thinking either Streets of Marienburg (AW-hack) or Call of Cthulhu (too bad 7th edition won't be out until later, the changes look good).

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