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lasseram Aug 1 '12 9:26pm

...and we could probably need an Arcanist too (PHB only)
I have already put of a re-recruitment ad for a skillmonkey to the campaign we're running, using the module 'Barrow of the Forgotten King'. In the process one of the players suggested we "hire" an arcanist too.
The group currently consist of a paladin, a cleric and a monk. I am certain we will recruit a fine player for the skillmonkey role, so that leaves only the arcanist role unfilled.

HERE is a link to the other ad.

Here is the story in short:
A family has been reported missing after visiting the local cemetery. Sentinels who have searched for them have not returned.
You have been charged with solving the mystery.

Character creation:
Level 2. 1000 XP.
No need to ask for exceptions.
PHB classes and races ONLY.
The original group was limited to core only and so shall you. From next level on I will preliminarily allow all official
WotC books, reserving the right to ban unfitting, overpowered, broken or plain silly material.
Stats are rolled. 6m4d6v1. If your added bonuses are +4 or less, you may have a re-roll.
Arcanist apps go HERE. As does the rolling. Max HP for the first two levels. Roll or half from lvl 3 on. Whichever is best.

Kerim Aug 1 '12 9:31pm

Well, at least here you didn't screw up the date :P (just kidding, 'course)
But I am content with staying a monkey.

Demonrifts Aug 1 '12 9:53pm

I'd be willing to play an arcanist. Is this 3.5e or 4e?
And since you want this to be PHB only, what spell selection would be best for arcanist?

Skippy5393 Aug 2 '12 2:54am

Definitely interested. :) I'll start thinking of a character. Should this character actually be "for hire", or is that just a figure of speech? :-P

Ganurath Aug 2 '12 5:13am

Submitted a Conjurer who worships Wee Jas.

Zhou_Yu Aug 2 '12 6:48am

There's something I like about the idea of joining this game. I just can't put my finger on it...
Arcanists are my thing. The idea of PHB only... it's simple, and something I could easily whip something up for. Lets see what rolls I get...

lasseram Aug 2 '12 7:49am


Originally Posted by Skippy5393 (Post 5914172)
Definitely interested. :) I'll start thinking of a character. Should this character actually be "for hire", or is that just a figure of speech? :-P

No, thats's a figure of speech. :) Once an arcanist is selected, I'll work with her/his player to best integrate the new character in the story.

Wiz Aug 3 '12 6:37pm

Rolling and working on an arcanist.

Tuld Aug 3 '12 9:01pm

I can work with it either way, but does core-only include UA variants? My guess is no, since you specify PHB-only, but I thought I'd ask presently.

I have a bard in my pocket from a campaign that never got off the ground, but he uses the animal companion variant. He also uses a whip-dagger, but I'll probably be dropping that. :(

I can make do without the variant, but the flavor works better with it. Under other conditions I might add it in later, but thematically this variant is a bit tough to re-train after the fact.

lasseram Aug 3 '12 9:17pm

Nothing but PHB, I'm afraid. I've been very strict with others requesting exceptions and I have to stay firm. :)

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