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Wippit Guud Aug 3 '12 12:35am

Who Would Win
Post two opponents, or two sides, who would face each other in a fight. Responder has to say who and why, then post their own match for the next person. Fight on!

Scott Pilgrim (Scott Pilgrim) vs Baby Doll (Sucker Punch)

MadHatter Aug 4 '12 10:09am

THey both kill each other because they're both lame?

Carl Sagan versus Billy Idol

thenightssong Sep 28 '12 3:09am

Billy idol just becasue he did rebal yeall and white wedding.

Harisson Ford or Bill Muray

Mordae Sep 28 '12 3:20am

Bill Murray is a funny guy, but Harrison Ford can take just about any role and make it awesome.

Yosemite Sam versus Boris Badenov

Voxanadu Sep 28 '12 5:22am

Yosemite Sam. Boris never had to deal with a rascal rabbit.

Rumple Stiltskin vs Malevolent

TanaNari Sep 28 '12 6:06am

Malevolent. At least she didn't jump around shouting her weaknesses in the middle of a forest. Of course, she did turn into a dragon. Which, as we all know, is pretty much the same as becoming a giant snake. But still. Not completely stupid.

Red vs Blue.

Kerim Sep 28 '12 11:05am

Purple. They both suck as colours.

Richard (looking for group, as he is in current comics) VS V (Order of the Stick)

Wippit Guud Sep 28 '12 11:34am

In a word: Familicide

D'Argo vs Worf

TanaNari Sep 28 '12 6:59pm

D'Argo. Worf has never won a fight against a skilled opponent and we all know it.

But on the subject. Superman vs Goku.

thenightssong Sep 28 '12 7:09pm

Superman becasue uless Goku happened ot have Kriptinite on him then he would'nt be able to even scratch superman.

Green Lantern V Batman

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