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sleeplessghost Aug 7 '12 11:30pm

Ripples of Creation
Hunting The Enemy
The Marduk Society has long hunted your kind. In the past great magics were worked to slay your people: fire called from the sky, inland sea's and lakes evaporated, water's poisoned so that no life could survive, even (it is said) agents of Marduk traveling into the rift to hunt the tribe where they are safest. In the modern day science and the reason of man has come to the forefront.

Still, the tribe survives. Since Marduk slew Taimat the Wicked Tribe has done nothing but survive, but what if they could thrive? In a world without Marduk, it seems a possability. Most Leviathans are content with their petty kingdoms, ruling over a small town or even a large city in some cases, but they all dream of being at the top of the food chain again. To be exalted as the gods they are by all men, to cast humanity back down where they belong. To bring Mother back.

The blood of all of Taimat's children whisper of this... but for you it is a call as loud as the thunder that slew her and as visceral and haunting as her final scream. The only question is: Can you find the courage to face the tribes enemies?
This games uses the Leviathan fan splat.

prof cephalopod Aug 8 '12 12:02am

In, I am going to forgo any other wod/nwod to apply for this one sir

As long as I get tentacles

AngeloftheOdd Aug 8 '12 12:25am

Still looking over rules, but this looks like an awesome fan-made game, and I'd love to give it a whirl.

sleeplessghost Aug 8 '12 12:32am


Originally Posted by prof cephalopod (Post 5935039)
In, I am going to forgo any other wod/nwod to apply for this one sir

As long as I get tentacles

Um... sure thing. It wouldnt have very much of a mechanical effect, just fluff. (Unless you chose a channel that gave you better grappling. Many-flowing limbs comes to mind)

prof cephalopod Aug 8 '12 12:39am

Yeah I pretty much meant it in jest sir.

I've been pouring over the wiki, since you posted the planning thread and I did a bit of google fu.

It seems pretty awesome.

canjowolf Aug 8 '12 1:35am

I'm interested. I'll try to get a character concept up by the end of the week.

legacygypsy Aug 8 '12 5:14am

Did I hear tentacles and Leviathan?

sleeplessghost Aug 8 '12 5:20am


Originally Posted by legacygypsy (Post 5936419)
Did I hear tentacles and Leviathan?

It would depend on if you have a reader for your computer.

legacygypsy Aug 8 '12 9:30am

good point

Alcorest Aug 8 '12 5:09pm

Very interesting....

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