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DeJoker Aug 8 '12 2:47am

Age of Heroes -- in Search Of
This is -- Age of Heroes

RL has taken yet another (as is typical for PbP games) I am in search of one quality player willing to step in and fill a pair of shoes already designed and ready for play. I do not want to make any major changes to this character, you will be allowed to view them to make the decision but I do not want to have to go through another redesign session.

The character is a male child prodigy turned super hero currently with a slight dual personality disorder (which could be role played out fairly quickly or kept) having just recently gotten powers in a world where super types did not exists until well now -- he is a very smart Mentalist with Telekinetic powers.

The game is MnM PL10 a bit darker PG18 theme but only as needed sticking more closer to a PG13 theme. The game had some slight restrictions but since the character is already designed and has been played these restrictions should be of no consequence as they will not affect you but just in case its a big deal there were some restrictions on character building (ask if it concerns you) -- but as I said the character is built and ready for play.

There are several other active and friendly players in the game posting rate is about 2-3 times a week and there is story content to occupy you as well.

Some kind of writing sample showing me you can role role play a fairly serious male character with a semi-split personality is all I really need that and a willingness to be friendly and active in the game.

Kerim Aug 8 '12 3:50am

I would be completely up for this. Why?
1) Your name. You're (probably) dutch, and a fan of the Joker. Two points.
2) Playing a MPD hero character is always fun.
3) Hurrah for the gore lever!
4) Telekinetic has way more uses than originally thought.

Where can I find the character I'd take over? And how extensive can the change be? Can I change the background, one or two advantages and skills, or what?

And as for the writing example, how large do you want it to be, and about what subject?

DeJoker Aug 9 '12 7:39am

Well the character has a bit of history already but they have also been a bit "unstable" so some leeway might be available and explainable as you settle into how you want to work the personas of this character.

As for powers other than modifying with subsequent XP they are pretty much set. Can you see the forum? I am not sure how MW handles all this exactly.

Either way the character description is HERE (Hadrian Daniels) if you cannot see that let me know and I'll temporarily invite you in as a player so that you can see it.


A paragraph or so ... just something that shows me you can write something that portrays something akin to the character you would be taking over. Note this is a game of heroes (aka good guys) so please keep that mind as well.

Kerim Aug 9 '12 9:29am

Can I at least change the picture? No offense to the person who picked it, but it looks awful.

Can I add ladies man to the traits he gains while he's Hero?

Can I change the name to Psych, Brainiac or something else at least more fitting to his powers?

Plugsy Aug 9 '12 9:23pm


Originally Posted by DeJoker (Post 5941248)
As for powers other than modifying with subsequent XP they are pretty much set. Can you see the forum? I am not sure how MW handles all this exactly.

That's why we have a site discussion forum; so you can find out. ;)

In this case, anyone can access game forums unless the GM sets the game to private.

BeyondThePale Aug 13 '12 6:07am

I wouldnt mind taking a look at the character sheet, unless you already selected the replacement?

DeJoker Aug 13 '12 11:19pm

I made the comment Plugsy because the Game was Private but I think it becomes un-Private when one posts a want ad and all things considered now that is what it seems to do.

BeyondThePale the link to the character is in my previous post simply look up and follow the HERE link. Nothing has been decided as of yet.


The actual hero name is not yet set in stone he has just been calling or referring to that aspect of himself as "The Hero" and as far as that goes no that cannot be changed its part of quite a few posts. Although he was slated to stabalize into a combination of his normal persona and his hero persona eventually and I do not see an issue of picking a different hero name at that point in time however I do not want to artificially accelerate that process just to change his name.

As for the picture of the character well as long as the new picture is not "drastically" different I do not have a problem, however if you change to someone that looks majorly different I will say no. For instance giving them a significant hair or skin color change. Further he is supposed to look rather young for his age from what I understood of the in-game posts. Why this requirement because I do not want to have to go back and figure out if I need to retcon any previous description of this character.

As to the "Ladies Man" thing ... I do not recall that being in MnM anywhere and he is already "Attractive" are you saying that you want to make him suave and debonair?? Okay again perhaps after he stabilizes but right now I would not say that "The Hero" is either suave or debonair ... he actually comes across a bit egocentric as well as a bit rough about the edges.

DeJoker Aug 19 '12 1:26am

Wow did the interest fade??

Churlish Aug 19 '12 1:30am

Playing a premade hero puts people off I expect, most of the fun with roleplay comes with developing something unique that you can call yours.

Kerim Aug 19 '12 2:09am

Yeah, sorry. I would have liked it much more if I could create my own, or change more about him.

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