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Dredge Aug 9 '12 9:18pm

Post funny quirky or weird things here

Kerim Aug 9 '12 9:20pm


Dredge Aug 9 '12 9:21pm

I Always Lol at this

mew77 Aug 9 '12 9:24pm

spelled shenanigans

well that's that

Kerim Aug 9 '12 9:24pm

This is also real awesome.

Riggeem Aug 16 '12 3:08am

Damn it Kerim!

I am SO going to have so much fun with the spell Reckless Infatuation. A save or be madly in love with a target of my choice for 1 day per level with no chance for an aditional chance to save unless the target of my spell is in direct danger. Obvious uses are obvious.

KingGoblin Aug 23 '12 2:40am

Group 1 will win, by the way. We all know Common. Mostly. And we have a magical knight, and a wizard. So there.

Riggeem Aug 23 '12 2:46am

I have a way to translate other peoples tongues and will be able to cast Tongues next level. Also, I am a wizard with a rifle, So there.

KingGoblin Aug 23 '12 2:48am

I can fly. Bazinga. And I shoot bombs.

Riggeem Aug 23 '12 2:59am

I can hit touch AC at 400 ft with only a -4 penalty and can turn spell slots into enhancements for my gun. Hows a Seeking Flaming burst and shocking burst shot with Reckless Infatuation stored in it from 400ft back sound?

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