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Kyris Aug 12 '12 1:42pm

OOC Thread
This is the new OOC thread.. You know what it's for.

Wolf Lord Aug 13 '12 1:31am

Well, I know I already posted interest in kick starting this (or any other BSG game for that matter), but I'll post here anyway.

Kyris Aug 13 '12 2:55am

And serenflipity had said they want to play. I'll give the others a little more time and then post an ad. Perhaps we'll start you two going again before worrying about being up to strength.

serenflipity Aug 13 '12 8:51pm

Indeed I certainly do; there's definately not enough BSG love on this site.

Welcome back Kyris.

Kyris Aug 14 '12 1:06pm

I've just finished Meleager's Ship Patch..

I made it with this tutorial, though I didn't do everything his way.. I can't use the pen tool the way he requires and I wanted a transparent background. I think I'm going to try doing another version with better wings.. that's the part I'm least satisfied with.

Wolf Lord Aug 14 '12 3:06pm

It looks pretty sharp. I'd be more than happy to have that on my bomber jacket.

Kyris Aug 14 '12 11:38pm

But this one will look better on your shoulder.

In further news, I'm planning to start writing a post to start you guys up again tonight, and will probably put up an ad tomorrow morning.

Wolf Lord Aug 15 '12 1:52am

Looking forward to it.

serenflipity Aug 18 '12 7:44pm

Not to self; never post before my first coffee of the morning...

So, I forgot to add d6 to the heavy weapons rolls due to Killer's rival complication. Shall I reroll?

Kyris Aug 20 '12 6:59am

No, leave it this time. I'm a little picky about the dogfighter in this context, so we'll call it even. Besides, you won. I'll be posting a narrative soon.

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