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KellyCat Aug 13 '12 11:49pm

Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams
Final Fantasy: Shared Dreams

The BasicsI am looking for 5-6 capable players for a journey into the realms of Final Fantasy. The basic premise is that you are High School students dragged into a fantasy realm and offered the chance to change The World... But at what cost?

In the real world, your character is a student at the St Martin Institute in the year 2012... And everything seems as it should be. You have a class schedule, room and board on the campus... And everything is normal as far as you can tell. On the other side, it is much like the medieval world. A land of Kings, magic and dragons, and the promise of a way home if you choose to seek it...

Character Generation
  • Charaters are level 1. While you will be picking your character classes at this time, you can not, for example, cast magic in the 'real world'.
  • Classes: Any in the core rulebook, no home-brewed. Note: I will not allow class changes without a very good reason.
  • Goals: I want you to come up with a few things that interest you... Maybe you wish to fly on a dragon's back, or save a princess (or prince). The World wants to keep you there, and will create situations that will draw you father and farther from what is home.
  • Applications will be placed on the forum, and I will try to give you feed back on your work.

jabberwock Aug 14 '12 12:09am

What is your expected post rate?

KellyCat Aug 14 '12 12:19am

Once every other day, but I am willing to work with people in case things like "school" or "work" come up provided you let me know ahead of time before you go poof.

edrobot Aug 14 '12 1:29am

I'm guessing this was mostly, if not entirely inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Given that it was one of my favorite games ever, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Also the link doesn't work right.

edrobot Aug 14 '12 2:55am

Quick Question: When you say it's like "Sliders", does that mean we'll be visiting a bunch of different worlds, or just one world that we visit repeatedly?

Regardless, here's a possible character concept;

Guy Ihavnetnamedyet was unlucky enough to run into a Fal'cie during his first dream, and was turned into a Li'cie. He was given the Focus to create the Omega Weapon, a legendary sword said to be capable of destroying Cocoon/gods/another Fal'cie/The Moon(s)/Something Really Big And Important. Being a fan of JRPGs in general, Guy is all too eager to embark on this quest, though in doing so he has earned the attention of a certain world-hopping four-armed weapon-collecting swordsman...

Sturmm Aug 14 '12 3:05am

Since the Link Kelly made is broken, thought I'd provide the right one. :) This's where you make your Applications.(Making a new Thread, no in the base Thread.)

Riggeem Aug 14 '12 4:27am

I have an inquiry. Would I be able to use a character idea that I have that has already crossed over once before?

The basic idea is that he went into a coma for three months after a bad car crash, and during this time he, be it a projection of himself, his 'avatar' or maybe even he was actually there and the 'coma' was really just an empty shell that barely constituted as being alive, was there and interacting with the world. After three monthes of adventuring and growing close to someone, something yanked him back to the 'real' world. He's been told, after telling his story, that it was just a coma induced dream and while he played along with that explaination, he knows that he had crossed over.

Sturmm Aug 14 '12 4:38am

Did you want to do Starting Equipment as the Book, or were you going to determine the Starting gear yourself? Or is it going to be set gear we have to decide on?

KellyCat Aug 14 '12 4:48am <--Rules. Kelly tried to be too smart by half, and the link did not work. I will post another link to the game thread.

I will admit, I did not really play FFT:A as mostly I did not like the judge system (I wanted to smack it so hard...)... but that small rant aside, it is a similar feel to The World. It wants you to be there there, and it is calling out to you for a reason. Maybe you have dreams of being a hero, maybe you just want to get away, whatever sounds exciting to you.

In regards to Sliders, I was doing one world other then our own that you can cross over to (The World), but there are not multiple worlds (as far as you know/can tell)... It is getting back that is the tricky part.

One request that I have is avoiding specific titles of things from other games (Fal'cie for example)... Avatars/Spirits/Summons, chocobo, seemingly common Final Fantasy foes are all fair game. Also, if you want to give a big bad that you have been repeatedly dreaming of a name, or even a description, awesome. If you want him to be the vague "Dark shadowy presence on the other side of the mountains", that also works. The dreams are supposed to be a reflection on the reason you want to go.

@Riggeem: Awesome idea, go for it. Though I might have others treat him like it was 'just a dream' due to the fact that he was in a coma for so long.

@Sturmm: You get 500 gil to create your gear in whatever manner is most suiting to you.

edrobot Aug 14 '12 6:30am

I should point out that L'cie and Fal'cie are in multiple FF settings, (XIII, Type-0, and maybe Versus Xiii), which technically makes them recurring series elements. I'll find another motive if that still doesn't work, however .

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