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Fell Aug 18 '12 5:09am

Suicide Squad: Busted Flush

Calling Card"Mrs Waller." The dry crackle of the generals voice echoed form the speaker. She hadn't been expecting the call, not this late anyways. "An incident has occurred, in Arizona."

Clenching the sides of her oaken desk, Amanda Waller's eyes narrowed as the words echoed out through the room. She had been expecting them to talk of formalities, perhaps a new shipment of meta human prisoners. "What kind of incident?" Her voice was deep, husky even, and didn't betray her nerves.

"It seems that Kobra has taken over a Cadmus research lab. It's unclear how exactly they learned of the lab itself, but the attack was two fold. Exterior and interior, brutal and efficient." The General's voice was flat and even, a dry crackling sound that seemed to be a mixture of crunching gravel and sandpaper.

"Well, that is regrettable, but what does that have to do with me?" Feeling a lump form in her throat, Mrs Waller knew what the General wanted. But it wouldn't serve her here to come out and be blunt. Not yet. Despite months of planning ... it wasn't quite ready. Not yet.

A silence filled the room, as the General paused.

"Don't play dumb. Get them suited and ready. The League can't know of the labs existence, and the Black Hawks aren't equipped for this. Task Force X is being called into duty. I want them in Arizona in eight hours. You understand?" A slight rise of irritation creeped into the man's voice. It was much more serious then she had originally though.

"Yes sir. I will have them deployed within the hour." Reaching forward, her hand gently touched the disconnect button, pausing over the red glare.

"Sir? What is in the facility? What is so important?"

The words hung heavy in the air, as the General seemed to ponder the question.

"Mrs Waller, you know better then to ask."

An audible click followed, once again plunging the room into silence.

Moving her hands towards the keyboard at her desk, Amanda brought up the list of inmates. She had a short list made months ago, when the project first came under consideration. Never really expecting it to take off, at least not this quickly, she had tough decisions to make.

It was time to form the Suicide Squad.

Who Am I?Hello! I am Fell, and this is Suicide Squad: Busted Flush. Set in the newly rebooted DC Universe, Suicide Squad follows a group of six inmates of Belle Reve prison in Louisiana. Called forth into service, the inmates are offered a simple contract by the government. Serve for a period of time under the orders of Amanda Waller, and your sentence is drastically reduced.

Only, fail, and the government will disavow any knowledge of their involvement, often terminating the operatives in the process. Only the most desperate, badass, and ruthless S.O.B's can call themselves members of the Task Force X, more commonly known as The Suicide Squad.

The GameYou are Villains. Mostly. Maybe you are in prison under false accusations or are a vigilante who went one step too far. Or maybe you are just a stone cold killer who deserves to be there. Either way, you are serving at least one life sentence, if not more, in the most secure prison in the world, built to house the world most dangerous Meta Humans. For many, this is your last chance at Freedom and whatever dream of redemption, revenge, or glory still remain.

What is the tone of the game? Well, high octane action, espionage, murder, mayhem and all around villainy of course! The true tale of Anti Heroes. Similar to the Suicide Squad Comics, and the Secret Six, this game is going to almost always focus on those on the other side of the Heroes of the DC universe. What makes villains tick? Who are they beyond the masks and crime? Is there honor among thieves?

Should you still be with me, you must be asking yourself, "Now, what about the crunch?" Well, how good of you to ask!

The PL is 10. Now, characters don't have to be direct copies from the DC Universe. I am not looking for direct copies. If you want to play Deadshot, play a new on, a version created by you. Or make a new hero. I am fine with people assuming the title, power set, and even family ties with established heroes and villains. Just not the established characters themselves.

Now, about the Universe. This iteration of the DC Universe will not be in any of the Canon universes. In a world identical to the newly established "New 52" world, the game will launch. There will have never been a previous Suicide Squad. Beyond that, there are a few minor changes to the lore, but most everything else remains the same.

I can also say, that there will likely be a few powers that I may outright ban. If I feel like anything is broken or being abused, I will whip out the hammer and bring it thundering down!

ApplicationsPlease post all applications in the game forum, under the category labeled "Belle Reve Penitentiary", following the format listed in the Rap Sheet sample post. Post a unique thread for each application, with your name and alias.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Dog_Days Aug 18 '12 5:12am

I don't know much about the DC universe, but I really like this game idea.

Renown0 Aug 18 '12 5:27am

Aw man... it looks like Hero's Rise died huh?

I would totally join this, but the reasons I had to leave Hero's Rise are still in effect. T_T

prof cephalopod Aug 18 '12 6:57am

I am so in, I have a couple ideas but tentatively I'd like to call dibs on an archer.

Just have to acquire 3rd Ed I only have 1st & 2nd

But will pm you a few ideas before proceeding with an app to see which way you think I should go.

Daxonwraithsong Aug 18 '12 8:33am

Suicide Squad? Count me in! I could nary pass up the opportunity to play a DC villian/ anti-hero.
It'll be a mo' while I concoct something fitting, I've a few ideas already kicking around that should fit the bill.

Inscribed Aug 18 '12 8:51am

Usually stick to much more four coloured superhero games, but I think I will give this a go.

Coronoides Aug 18 '12 11:00am

So are you willing to take a newbie to MnM? I only got the book last week. While I have 29yrs of rpg under my belt I will still probably make a few mistakes with character generation etc. Would you be able to check any sheet I put together?

Kaitou Kage Aug 18 '12 2:13pm

Very, very interested but I have to finish an app for another game before I can start on something for this game. Still, being part of the team Boomer was on would rock :D

I'll do my best to get something submitted!

Fell Aug 18 '12 2:28pm


Originally Posted by Coronoides (Post 5974456)
So are you willing to take a newbie to MnM? I only got the book last week. While I have 29yrs of rpg under my belt I will still probably make a few mistakes with character generation etc. Would you be able to check any sheet I put together?

That's fine. The system isn't too complex, and I am sure any problems that I can't help you through in character creation, one of the masters of the system with Hero Lab at their fingertips will be able to run you through.


Aw man... it looks like Hero's Rise died huh?
Regrettable, but I could never get enough steam into it. Too much inactivity on my, and the players, parts to really set a solid enough pace. The combination of player attrition and somewhat lack of enthusiasm from those involved sealed the deal.

bloodrever Aug 18 '12 3:10pm

Looks interesting. I have a couple ideas for characters I have been thinking about lately. Will have to see which one I like best for this game.

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