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steampunkadept Aug 18 '12 8:02am

Calling all Evil Bastards, a parallel game
This is a campaign that I will be running parallel to another in this same world. Events in the other game will translate directly into the events of this game, and eventually the two games will meld into one.

Troublesome times draw strange companions together. Though you may not like, nor much care for those around you, fate requires that you work together for the sake of your own personal ambitions. Rumors abound that King Baigan Phyr has summoned together a band of adventurers to discover the secrets of the Orb of the Blood Star. You know that the ancient red orb contains powerful, ancient magic. Magic enough that any of your dreams could easily come true.

However, the Orb of the Blood Star is well guarded within the Twin City of Phyr'Tolar. Plans have already been enacted to steal the Orb away from King Phyr. When that time of chaos comes, it will be left to you to get in, steal the Orb of the Blood Star, and return it to your dark masters. Only then can you begin to discover the secrets of the Orb for yourself, and unlock the power contained within.

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Character Generation
Levels: All characters start at level 5
Races and Level Adjustments: Each character gets up to 1 free level adjustment buy off. For example, Tieflings are a +1 LA race. You no longer count that level adjustment, and make the character as if it wasn't there. Absolutely NO Dragonkin and NO classes that have any basis on dragonkind.
Abilities: 4d6^3r1, No Point Buy for unhappy rolls, Reroll if Sum of Mods is +2 or less, or if there are no scores are 16 or above.
Alignment: Absolutely no Good alignments and no Chaotic Stupid. If you must play Chaotic Neutral, please do so within reason.
Hit Points: Max + Con for first 2 levels, then roll as normal for every level beyond, No rerolls for HP. If you roll a 1, you roll a 1
Starting Wealth: 10,000gc. No item may cost more than 4000gc. In addition, Once the campaign starts, I will roll each character a random magic item, to portray treasure gained from adventuring prior to this campaign. The random Magic Item may be kept, or sold at 50% listed value.
Flaws & Traits: No voluntary flaws or traits, one mandatory flaw randomly chosen. You do not get a feat for this random flaw unless you roll such on the chart below.

You should all roll "1d50z" and refer to the chart above to determine character flaws

Valid Source Material: If in doubt, ask. If I say no, consider it invalid. No Dragon Magazine, No Homebrew, No Tomes (to include ToB and ToM), No Book of Exalted Deeds (needless to say).

TanaNari Aug 18 '12 8:15am

You're forcing flaws like that? Well. I guess I have to roll before I even decide if I want to play. I mean, some of these, and the roleplay they force on the players... seem entirely unfair.

And not even in the terms of mechanics. But unless you're specifically wanting to play a character with X personality, some of these just kill a character concept.

steampunkadept Aug 18 '12 8:22am

Most of the players I've had find that the forced flaw actually adds an intriguing aspect to the game.
And when you allow players to select flaws, they often choose flaws that are not a detriment to the character they intend to play. At least this way, you might end up with a bow focused ranger who is shaky, or an illiterate sorcerer.
And, considering I'm knocking off 1 rank of level adjustment free, it seems a fair trade-off

TanaNari Aug 18 '12 8:28am

You might be able to argue that if you include purely biological flaws. Like shaky.

And even then it means nothing. "Oops, I rolled 'shaky', guess I'll just have to create a cleric or sorcerer instead of using my ranger. That's ok, rangers suck anyway."

But take my roll, for example. 35. The "large ham". Can be a fun character. For people who like those kinds of characters. I could look at it as an "artistic challenge", perhaps. But meh. I lost interest in proving I can play characters that I can't stand loooong ago. Plus I prove it often enough being the GM for most games I participate in.

If flaws are a problem. Do what I do. Say "no, that doesn't qualify as a flaw for your character- you can choose it, sure, but you won't get a beneficial feat from it".

I find it "revealing" as to which players are like "oh well, it fits the character, I'm keeping it" and which ones go with "screw it, doesn't benefit me, I'll throw it away".

steampunkadept Aug 18 '12 8:35am

Actually, I can completely relate on the flaw you rolled. I have a character in a game that picked up the same flaw, and she is an absolute blast to play because of that flaw. Still, I like the forced flaw as it gives you less than perfect characters, and as a DM it gives me another story telling tool.

TanaNari Aug 18 '12 8:43am

Yeah. But now I'm forced to decide between wanting to play an interesting "evil" game, given their rarity. And being forced to tolerate a tacked on house rule that interferes with the most important part of an RPG for me.

Namely. The Role Playing.

Actually. No. I think putting it like that makes my decision for me. It takes away too much of the fun in the game. And offers nothing of value in the return.

And seriously. If you need a random rolled flaw to make a character "less than perfect"... you're doing it wrong. With or without the flaw. Just ask the players who've seen me play. All of my characters have flaws to spare. And not ones that offer mechanical benefits.

Churlish Aug 18 '12 8:51am

I was interested too, until I saw the rolling flaws thing. The guy above me is completely correct, it would interfere with the interesting roleplaying aspects in so many ways. You can't create and shape a character from the ground up, crafting personality traits and desires, then slap a random flaw on top and call it good.

Sturmm Aug 18 '12 9:42am

...No offense, but that's BS. -_- Most of these Flaws are interesting RP and don't really affect your Combat ability. Are there some that do? Yes. But to say the only reason you're not playing is a random Flaw, that's just sad. Now I myself wouldn't make a Character -then- add a Flaw, simply because I want it to be part of a character, not just tacked on. But we aren't really being forced to.

Churlish Aug 18 '12 9:44am

Ok then, lets say I created a character who's entire concept was built around him being an erudite and carefully controlled and refined individual who always has a backup plan.

And then I end up having to roll twice on the table and get stutter and gullible.

There goes the entire character out the window.

Sturmm Aug 18 '12 9:46am

So why not roll first and then make the character with those included?

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