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Dredge Aug 19 '12 9:30am

A Fresh Start (Group 2)

Your opportunity has been given, your chance is now. Do you take that step through a purple gate that swirls with a magic unknown to you? It could be a trap, a hoax, one of your enemies could be behind this. You could be leaving family behind, will they live? The wars, the hunts, or what have you that ails your plane shall no longer be your concern. Swallow all fear, all notions of trickery, and take that first step to a new life.

You step through the gate, a pull seems to encompass your body. It pulls greater and tighter taking your breath right out of you. You feel a sudden snap as though your connection to your old world is gone, erased. You seem to be floating, no weight or restraint, you are unable to move or even breath yet aware of everything. No words can escape as you are helpless to even speak or move your mouth, unsure oh how long your journey is.

You emerge on the other side and fall to one knee gasping for breath and aching to have use of muscles once more. Your connection is still empty, as though your soul or ethereal cord was cut from traveling so far. Your eyes close and you start to weign until you allow that ever comforting sleep wash over you. You should have hit the floor by now, your head resting on that soft green grass that is almost unearthly green. A a person seems to be holding you and standing you up. You open your eyes to see blackness as far as you can see and a single man standing before you. He holds a long white cord in his hand that look ripped and torn, as though someone ripped it free. He wears wizards robes and has a soft handsome smile. He hands you the rope, "Hold on to this tight, trust me... I'm a wizard." With that you feel it launch back at a speed equal to terminal velocity. You look back to see where your heading and are faced by a motionless you standing, eyes closed, unfettered by your speedy approach. The rope you hold attaches to your motionless body, you hesitate to let go and save yourself from the impact but your a seasoned adventurer, little things like this are nothing.

You slam into your body, you open your eyes once more and lean forward from the shock of landing into your body. You look around at the others, they seem to be doing the same, some motionless and still as stone while others lurch forward. As soon as you get a bearing on your place and senses you can finally get a look at what's happening. The landscape seems nothing unusual, long rolling hills with many large open flat areas. Trees can be seen to either side very far in the distance, very little wild life can be seen, but there is lots of movement and noises by you. The sky seems clear, few clouds, a bright sun and very normal temperature. The humidity isn't bad very plain, it seems like the perfect day....almost.

A troll catches your eye walking off in the distant with about twenty five other. You then get a chance to re-look at everything, Gray renders following a group of villagers. Griffons, Roc's, and dragons, all colors all sizes and shapes, they all seem to be heading to a mountain so far off in the distance that it has to be impossibly tall and large. Goblins emerge from similar portals with the same lash back, immediately retreating into the forest behind you. All races, all monsters, and so many things are appearing at once, different times and places. Finally you see a sign in front of you, beside it supplies, mountains of it.... Nails, wood, paint, everything to build houses...maybe a town?

The sign reads, 'Welcome to your new home and your fresh start, your escape. Here are the building blocks to your new life.'
-Invictus Juliani

The_Ovla Aug 19 '12 4:54pm

G’Olga awoke with a start, jumping to her feet expecting danger. Years of living on her own have made her paranoid and she didn’t recognize this place. Then she remembered her journey to the new world and she relaxed a bit, looking around. She hadn’t known what to expect when she took the trip, but it wasn’t this. She thought there would have been a little bit of civilization already started. The new world must have really been new.

She picked up her pack, and her greataxe, which she used more like a walking stick then a weapon. She panicked briefly when she couldn’t find her familiar, but then a large black raven flew down and landed atop the axe head. Snipe, her pet’s name, had been with her ever since she could remember and she couldn’t think of a life without him, stoking the bird affectionately.

She quickly surveyed the building equipment. She didn’t know much of building, but it couldn’t be too hard. She looked at Snipe; “My friend, fly up and take a look around. See if there are any other villages or monster camps nearby that we might have to compete with.” The bird flew up and away, scouting the nearby terrain.

Dredge Aug 19 '12 8:19pm

Snipe flies up with much anticipation to survey the land and immediately divebombs back down hiding in your pack in fear. No more than ten seconds later a Colossal Red Dragon flies no more than 200 feet over your head. He lets out a terrible roar and puffs some smoke following his other companions.

BigLee Aug 20 '12 1:39am 'trip' through the portal was more disorienting than Jacob had thought it would be. He wasn't sure what he expected, but that wasn't it. As his wits returned, he stood, collected his belongings and surveyed his new surroundings.

The sight of several monsters, at first, caused Jacob to draw his sword and prepare to defend himself. But he quickly realized that these were just other creatures, come here as he had, to make a new start of things and were each heading off in their own directions. That's when he saw the sign and the piles of building materials.

Not exactly what I had in mind, Jacob thought. I was hoping for at least an inn or tavern.

Instead of heading off in his own direction, Jacob took up a spot where he could see the pile and watch as others came by. There was still someone he was looking for.

Riggeem Aug 20 '12 2:42am

Micheal sat straight up and looked around. scratching the back of his head he looked around for Jacob. "Now where'd that sneaky git run off too." he stood up and shouldered his rifle. "Let's see. I don't know what any of these things are...." He panned over until he saw Jacob in his sight. Raising his voice he called out, near a particularly tall stack of supplies. "Oi! Jacob! Over here ya sneaky lout!" he lowered his rifle rifle and stood there, waiting for Jacob.

Dredge Aug 20 '12 7:38am

A couple peasants that seem very physically fit motion over towards the pile and talk in a language foreign to you. They shrug and make there way and begin to heave some wood, nails, shovels, all the things to build and start at it.

BigLee Aug 20 '12 5:26pm

Jacob instinctively looked over the others standing around, gauging who might be a threat, before he headed over to join Micheal. Old habits die hard...

Hearing all the alien languages made Jacob wonder. He hadn't thought about not being able to communicate with others. That will make things a bit more difficult, he thought. But at least no one was trying to kill him here....not yet anyway.

"Lout!? Keep that to yourself." Jacob replied. "You're going to ruin my reputation here before I even get a chance to."

Not being much of people person, Jacob's humor often came across as a bit dry. It didn't really concern him too much. His humor was more for his own benefit rather than for anyone else's enjoyment.

Jacob tipped his wide brim hat off his head to hang by it's thongs on behind him. As usual, his eyes were always scanning, as if they had lost something and were trying desperately to find it. When they came across the pile of supplies again, they lingered for a moment.

"So, we just grab an armful and go off to build something?"

Riggeem Aug 20 '12 6:59pm

"Might as well help out here." he pulls a pinchful of soot and salt out of his spell pouch and places his left hand ontop of his right. He chanted a few words and a feeling runs through his ears, as if they had recently had the ear wax cleanned out. "I can understand them now for the next hour, so looks like I get to boss you around for a bit."

BigLee Aug 20 '12 7:31pm

Figures, Jacob thought to himself, while giving Micheal a bit of a sneer.
"Wonderful! What would you command of me, my Lord?" The sarcasm was thick in the air.

The_Ovla Aug 21 '12 3:49pm

After the scare Snipe had received from the dragon, he refused to leave G’Olga’s side, for the time being atleast. G’Olga laughed and patted the birds feathers, then looked back at the other being’s in the clearing with her. Some of the men began un-packing the building supplies. G’Olga had never been part of a community before, she had always lived with her mentor in the deep woods, never near civilization, or other people. She would sometimes meet travelers or adventurers to trade with, but never for any lasting time.

She glanced back at the woods, thinking how easy it would be to disappear and construct a small hut, out there, away from everyone. Then she though what it would be like living in a town. Maybe it was worth a try, she thought, if these people would have me part of their new village.

She Approached one of the villagers who was working with the lumber. “Umm, Hi. Can I help you with that?”

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