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Purity_Riot Aug 20 '12 3:31pm

The Asylum
To start things off, I would like to mention that I have recently severely cut down my involvement in games. While this means I will have plenty of time for this game, it also means that I will not be expecting more than 7-10 posts a week.

The Asylum is a freeform fantasy-nightmare game set in the world of Emilie Autumn's 'The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls'. Slight modifications have been made to the story line, most notably Emily did not become an inmate of the Asylum TWVG, as well as a modification of Queen Vic's era to include a steam-punk movement. This will likely do little more than flavour the game here and there, like a dash of pepper in a good soup.

Players will be taking up the roles of inmates in The Asylum. Whether truly mad or not is of little consequence, as we know that, at the time, a woman had to do very little to land herself in an Asylum.

"Who are you?"
"I am your Captain!"
"Where is this?"
"Awareness is the enemy of Sanity... for once you hear the screaming, it never stops."

Wolfe208 Aug 20 '12 3:37pm

Oh, I am interested in this, playing an insane character will be great for rp.

cmky Aug 20 '12 7:06pm

Right on, Purity.
Time to put on some coffee and get those creative juices flowing!

jmf1jmf2 Aug 20 '12 7:27pm

Interested. Will be busy today, so maybe no app today...

mtimefuntime Aug 20 '12 7:45pm

I'm intrigued. I will work out the details of an application later tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how my day goes.

KingGoblin Aug 20 '12 9:58pm

Interesting. I've never heard of Emilie Autumn's 'The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls,' though.

Alcorest Aug 21 '12 1:37am

Wicked. Application coming. I'm not familiar with the books either, what year in the 19th century does this take place in?

Purity_Riot Aug 21 '12 1:46am

It's half autobiography, half fairy tale/delusion. It's a good read, more so if you're a fan of her music.

Purity_Riot Aug 21 '12 1:47am

@Alcorest 1864

KingGoblin Aug 21 '12 3:22am

It makes me think of The Yellow Wallpaper. At least, the introduction you have here.

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