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ComicsFan Aug 22 '12 8:52pm

The Tavern
Any OOC discussions go here.

eBursch Aug 22 '12 8:53pm

Hello to all

Celtic Guardian 7 Aug 23 '12 3:19am

Hi! I look forward to seeing how this goes. =)

Phuse Aug 29 '12 8:34pm

Hey guys! Thanks for having me :D Baggrins gonna get drunk :P

Little_Rudo Aug 29 '12 11:57pm

Hey, Phuse is here too!

Hello! Thanks for accepting Gwen, she's sorely in need of a good home. :D

Celtic Guardian 7 Aug 30 '12 12:02am

Hi folks! I'm surprised to see you here Rudo, I thought you were getting full from games. It's a pleasant surprise! =)

Little_Rudo Aug 30 '12 12:13am

I had another game suddenly die, and I've been downright dead in terms of 4E games, so seeing a few new ones come up was a very welcome surprise. :)

Celtic Guardian 7 Aug 30 '12 12:14am

Ah, that stinks. I've had a lot of games suddenly bite the dust. =(

Gamer Gig Aug 30 '12 3:39am

'Allo 'Allo!

Thanks for the invite ComicsFan!

I've only vague recollections of the other apps right now, but I'm sort of expecting a bit of smash-mouth group right now, since we've got (at least) two warlords in the party :)

Phuse Aug 30 '12 3:46am

I'm a Warden...

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